Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Blemish Balm- Review & swatches

My readers were excited about the BB cream from Sleek makeup after hearing about the upcoming launch of this product.To be honest I too was eagerly waiting of this new product from Sleek Makeup. I have some BB creams from other brands but after using once I couldn’t make my mind as to using them again. Usually I use only my moisturizer and sunscreen in my daily routine life only on especial occasions, I apply a foundation but no doubt that like everyone I was too excited to see the new BB cream from Sleek Makeup. I should say that I’m disappointed to get the Medium shade sent from the brand because it’s not my shade at all and will be totally useless for me after one trial.  But As a blogger my reviews are not just for me so I’m feeling excited to write for my other readers who have medium to dark skin tones.

Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Blemish Balm

Sleek MakeUp Be Beautiful Blemish Balm is designed to protect, moisturize, prime and conceal the skin.

What Sleek Makeup says…


50 ml




  • Fair
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark

How to use

Sleek Makeup Be Beautiful Blemish Balm contains an SPF 15 and can be used as a primer and tinted
moisturizer all in one promising to hydrate skin while concealing
blemishes, providing full coverage, and offering anti-aging benefits
according to Sleek.

In the mirror of my own experience

I was a bit disappointed to not get my actual color cream but after examining the product I’m determined to buy my own color for trying out. I have used some BB cream like Skin 79, Garniar’s but never satisfied with them. After these experiences I had lost my interest in buying a BB cream for my face. I got those creams quite caky and found not of full coverage. Apart from it they make my skin sometimes oily and the other times, dry, but Sleek Makeup Be Beautiful Blemish Balm is designed to protect,
moisturize, prime and conceal the skin. It is a full coverage BB Cream
that is rich in pigmentation, yet very lightweight.


Sleek MakeUp Be Beautiful Blemish Balm comes in a black packaging, inside it we find the product in a black  tube with a flip flap cap. The packaging is extremely decent and perfect for keeping anywhere. It’s a good and safe packaging and I love it.


The texture of BB cream is quite thick like a liquid foundation. It’s smooth and velvety and fully moisturizing.You can feel the softness while applying.


This is the part which surprised me most. It provides full coverage, so that makes it rather thick. I always found BB creams where sheer coverage, so that was  completely  a surprise. You get full coverage even in a less amount of product which is really amazing.


I applied it on my lovely medium skin toned friend to see it’s exact effect. I took out quite less amount, applied on her face in dots all over the face, then blended well. I was amazed to see it blending power. The cream absorbed into the skin completely and left a flawless and even effect on her face. You may also use it like a concealer to cover skin imperfections and also layer it for more coverage.


Sleek Makeup are right when they say its skin perfecting. It’s virtually flawless and has a nice beautiful glow to it as well. When you use it as a concealer, it fully covers the imperfection of your face. Besides this It contains red algae extract which has anti-aging properties,
antioxidant Vitamin C which aids in the reduction of skin discoloration
giving the skin a natural radiant glow, Vitamin E which protects the
skin from UV damage, Jojoba Oil for moisture, and peptides to aid in the
repair of damaged skin. What a winning combination. It also contains
SPF15 in the form of titanium dioxide,  which is not enough so  you should use another form of sunscreen as well.

After blending

You can clearly notice the difference in the skin tone (before & after blending)

Lasting power

The another part which made me surprised and that’s it’s lasting power.  The cream can last almost whole day on your face. You can see some fading effect at the end of the day but the effect doesn’t show in patches or spots. You can easily apply it for a full day enjoyment of course.


I’m currently loving this BB Cream and have decided to purchase a shade similar to  my skin tone. It’s the cream which I’ll want to apply again and again. Sleek Makeup has given such shades which I never saw in any brand’s BB cream such as the dark one. The medium shade is also will go on many medium tones. I hope they will launch some more shades in future. Overall I extremely love this cream. It’s really perfect for everyday use.




I’ll definitely recommend it to all my readers to buy this according to their skintone


Sleek Makeup Be Beautiful Blemish Balm will be available August 29th at Superdrug Stores and

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