Vintage Rose And Leaves Pendant Necklace

have purchased many dresses from Sheinside but this time I purchased a necklace and I wanted to show
to all my readers so today is a quick review of that Vintage Rose And
Leaves Pendant Necklace.

Vintage Rose And Leaves Pendant Necklace

I was just fascinated to see this beautiful necklace. Vintage Rose And Leaves Pendant Necklace $14.99
is quite different from the necklaces that I have been wearing till now. It’s a
vintage style bronzy gold color metal necklace which is quite long and I can
wear it as locket chain because the chain of the necklace is long. The
pendant is fabulous, It’s a beautiful rose shaped pendant along with two
leaves which looks really unique. The metal color is bronzy golden
with some yellowish stones embellished. Overall it’s a classic piece of jewelry
which can be worn with many outfits both Indian & western.  It
looks awesome and delicate but in real it’s not delicate but is made
strong. I love this necklace and now really want to try out some more
from Sheinside.

Rose & leaves

back side of the pendant

In sunlight

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous & I’m sure you would love to own it. Check out this beauty- HERE