My favorite Indian fashion website!!!{Review}

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you all to a new Indian fashion website-

 Zovi itself is a brand & they produce both men & women clothing. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this website once you browse through because this is what happened with me!!


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A few words about

A revolutionary concept in apparel

ZOVI brand was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: Let’s locally
design and manufacture high-quality lifestyle apparel and accessory
products and exclusively offer them online to you at extremely
reasonable prices.


Because we strongly believe
that high quality apparel and accessories should not cost what they do
today. The traditional offline fashion retail industry is controlled by
large companies who counter inefficiencies in their supply chains and
sales channels by selling products at very high multiples of what these
products actually cost. Maybe you already knew that, but you bought from
them anyway because, until now, there was no alternative…

What Zovi intends to do:

We want to educate people on the value chain of apparel and accessory
brands they may be buying from, to make transparent where their money is
being spent. Of course, we don’t want to just point out the issue,
without giving a solution! We created ZOVI as a trustworthy brand which
scores high on style and value while doing away with any unnecessary
added costs pushed on to you, the consumer.

 has a great collection of everything, I won’t say that their collection is huge but whatever is present on their website, the pieces are highly impressive & of top quality. From tops(of different types) to jeans to bags, accessories etc everything is available and that to at such reasonable cost!
The customer service is very helpful & they ship your products very quickly without any delay.

The packaging is really outstanding! I received my things in 4 days in a very sturdy packaging. After opening up the strongly bounded brown covering, I was pleasantly surprised to find a neat black packet & a black Zovi box. Inside it the products were wrapped in Zovi butter paper. By now you must have understood that the packaging was just superb!!!! I haven’t seen such a sophisticated packaging of any website till date! 

Now, let’s talk about the items that I got from First is this blue washed jeans available for Rs 999. The material is of very high quality. The jeans is very light weight & comfortable. The stitching, details etc are very appealing! I ordered this in size 30 which is a bit loose for me. 28 would have been perfect but anyways, it doesn’t look that bad. Will be posting my outfit wearing this soon! Highly recommended to everyone!!!


Second is the green batwing tee worth Rs 499. I was so surprised to find this of such good quality & the cloth material is very soft. It feels really comfortable when worn & the design is also great!! I’m not a big fan of batwing style but this one really impressed me!
The color, stitching, material, style etc everything is outstanding & it’s a steal at such low cost!!

Will be posting an OOTD very soon! Till then go & check out

They also offer cash on delivery!!!

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