Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘Inscribed in Sheets’ – Review & swatches

I always love creamy matte lipstick which has no shimmers in
it. Apart from this I’m almost crazy about new and nontraditional colors in
lipsticks. I keep my eyes such brands that have exclusive and uncommon colors
in their lipstick collection.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is though a well-known luxurious brand but
I love it because of their matchless color collection especially in lipstick

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour
Burst Lipsticks are available in 12 shades. Every shade
is elite uncommon.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour
Burst Lipstick in ‘Inscribed in Sheets’ is a rosy pinkish brown shade which is
not found easily in all brands.

I can write a long paragraph on its packaging beauty but in
short I can describe that it comes in a black packaging with white delicate
flowers. Inside the packaging, the black shining round lipstick with white
flower is really sophisticated. I always love their stylish and pretty

It’s completely matte formula with super creamy texture. It glides on the lips like butter. I never
anticipated such creamy formula in a matte lipstick. It hydrates my lips even I
apply it on my dry lips
. A lipstick should always apply on moist lips but in
case your lips are dry and you apply this lipstick, you get a creamy and moist
effect after applying it.

Like its marvelous texture the pigmentation is also wonderful. Glide it on your lips once and
you get your right color. 

You would have thought about its lasting power and I was
just coming on this point. It’s a creamy matte formula so as expected it very
long lasting too. It lasts about for 5/6
hours on my lips. Lip products last on my lips much more in comparison of
so if even your lip colors fade quickly, it’ll definitely stay for3
to 4 hours easily. 

I wore this lipstick
several times and every time I appreciate its effect on my lips myself.  The shade is so beautiful that I can apply it
with many outfits without any hesitation. It’s in between deep and light so can
be applied at both day and night occasions. 

Finally, I’m decidedly enthralled with this lipstick. You’ll
now definitely see my snaps with this shade many times. It’s my current
favorite. It has got all the qualities which can be expected for a high quality
luxurious brand. Hats off to Rouge
Bunny Rouge
for introducing such a high quality lipstick. I’ll definitely
want to buy some more colors from their color
burst range.

Rouge Bunny
Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick in ‘Inscribed in Sheets’ { £ 22.} is
available on Rouge Bunny Rouge website
and Zuneta.

So what are your views
about this lipstick?

Have you tried it

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