Fitflops- The new way to stay healthy!

At first when I read about FitFlops in the newspaper, it attracted me a lot
but never thought about  trying it out because I didn’t know that
a footwear can tone our legs and take care of our waist & back aches. I’m not
very fond of high pencil heels while buying my footwear but if speak
honestly, heels always attract me, but I have been keeping a balance between heels and flats. Still I always wanted something between the two, which is neither completely flat nor too high. When I was first asked to try out FitFlop footwear, I was not much excited but when I checked the designs, I immediately fell in love with their beautiful designs. I chose this one which is designed with stunning oversized soft leather flowers on a minimal strap
in rose pink color. In this design you get four choices of colors to choose from – indium, antique white,
rosa pink, and bronze leather.


 One thing that I noticed on this pair of Fitflop is that it is extremely
comfortable to walk on.  The added cushion in the heel helps to reduce
shock by 22% and I suppose that’s the doing of its patent-pending
microwobbleboard midsole technology.   I know that Fitflop has got
the Seal of Acceptance conferred by the American Podiatric Medical
Association (APMA), which means wearing this is beneficial for foot
health.  However, it’s very important you get your Fitflop in the
correct size or the reverse could be true!

I had started feeling some waist ache since a past few days so I thought that I should try out my FitFlops, because I felt great comfort whenever I wore it for a while.It has been almost two weeks since I started wearing my FF regularly. I really feel very comfortable with them and now it’s an essential part of my life. My foot muscles feel relax and I don’t feel tired even till the end of the day. I really love them. I’ll not say that my waist ache is completely cured after wearing it but definitely say that it has reduced enough. So I can’t reject on a whole the FitFlop’s promise of trimming and toning the backside but you should also remember to take care your health by balance your diet and exercise regularly. Aches and pains will also be taken care of enabling the body to
gradually get back into excellent shape in gentle and natural way.

Finally, I love this beautiful pair of FlitFlop Flou, I has brought amazing comfort in my daily life. I always feel great comfort after ending my days. I would love to purchase another pair in the same range of Flou and black color will be my next choice this time and I’ll remember my mistake of size this time for sure.
I’ll recommend  to all of my readers to try out this amazing footwear to bring great comfort to your body. No doubt, they are a bit costly but after getting the result, you’ll have to admit that they worth their costs. But still I wish these were less costly. In this way they were more reachable among the customers and
There are lot of choices to choose in designs and ranges, so you can easily pick your favorite one.

PRICE- FitFlops range is priced at Rs.7000  


Available at Urban Shore.


COB RATING-  4.7/5 

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Urban shore has an amazing collection of cosmetics, skincare, fitflops & other products! They have various luxury brands which are really worth trying & I’m very happy that we have such amazing store in India!!!

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