Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Brightening Duo liner- review, swatches

I wanted to buy a white pencil for applying in my water line
to give them wide effect since a long time. But I was confused in selecting the
brand for this product, I had heard nice thing about NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
and was about to purchase it. But then I came across Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Wide
Open Brightening Liner Duo and decided immediately to buy this specific one.
I’m fully aware about the quality of this brand so was absolutely convinced!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo is a
chubby double shade liner. It comes in a black packaging full of delicate white
flowers. Inside the package you find the shining white chubby pencil with black
shining cap on both sides. You get a milky white soft tip liner one side
and light pink shade on the other.

I love the packaging; it’s beautiful and perfect to carry
out in my handbag for going out anywhere. Both caps are perfectly secure and



Now coming on to the product, I tested my favorite white shade
first, and I was surprised to see its quality. It’s soft and creamy like a
dream. The shade is milky white with some silvery shimmers which is dazzling,
when I applied it in my waterline; I was really amazed to see its pigmentation.
I applied just one swipe and got what I wanted. My eyes look bright and wide
instantly. I never expected such pigmentation and smoothness even though I was aware of RBR’s quality. 


After a great experience with the first one I checked the
second shade i.e the Eye brightener which is pinkish white but completely matte. There are no
shimmers in it. The pigmentation is equal like the first one. You can get your
right color just in one application. It’s also creamy soft like silk. This
shade also can be used in waterline as well as it can be applied on the lids as
a base.

Both have amazing quality; I love to apply both of them in
my water line to give my eyes some wideness instantly. The milky white shade
gives an immediate brightness if I apply it on my lids and the corner of my
eyes without any other makeup. If you have small eyes, you can get a wide effect
after applying them in your water lines. 

They have great lasting power, if you have applied any of
them in the morning, you can be free for 5 to 6 hours, isn’t that remarkable? They
both stay such a long time without fading. I noticed that after 7-8 hours even when they started to fade a little, they did not look patchy or ugly!

One thing that worried me id the softness of the white Eye highlighter. It must be kept very carefully to prevent breakage. The pink tip is fine, it’s soft and
creamy but not like the white one.

Finally I have fallen in love with the quality of this
product from RBR. I’m happy that I didn’t tried any other brand because it’s
said that as long you wait, as better you get so I have found the best product
for my water line. I want to try their kohl pencil liner after this excellent
experience.  Even though their products are costly as they are a luxury brand, still you can invest your money to get hold of some amazing products!

Priced at €25.00 this duo can be purchased from RBR Web Boutique