Faces Cosmetics Makeup Brushes- New Launches

FACES Cosmetics launches 10 new professional range of makeup brushes

Right use of makeup brushes is a must to achieve a perfect look. FACES recently introduced 10
new professional range of makeup brushes to suit your needs. Fun yet functional these makeup
brushes help to create a dynamic look with staying power. The brushes are made from selected
natural hair along with the finest synthetic imitation soft hair to give you the desired results.
Nurtured by leading technical expertise FACES, offers highest quality cosmetic brushes in an
attractive packaging at a very competitive price giving you total value for your money. The newly
launched range encompasses a comprehensive range of brushes for the eyes, lips, cheeks and
face owing to the longer service life and customized design. This collection of brushes includes
the foundation brush, powder brush, angled eye shadow brush, mascara & eye liner brush, lip
liner, Concealer and the blush brush.

The full range of Faces makeup brushes!

I’m surely gonna try out these brushes..will you?