Nivea Pure effect Total face cleanup – Review, photos

As the weather changes, our skin is going to face some new challenges. We all should be ready to welcome spring & summers but our skin should be prepared for it too. For that, we need a good face clean up which can remove all the dirt and dust from our skin and cleanse it deeply.

Nivea pure effect total face cleanup can be a perfect option for this spring/summers if you are in search for a good face cleanser. I can say it after my own experience. Today I’m reviewing this useful product which of course is going to be one of my favorite products for this season.

Nivea pure effect total face cleanup comes in a blue packaging box which is transparent from middle where the tube is kept. Inside the box you get the product is a fat tube with a blue lid which is a perfect packaging for daily use products.

The product has thick consistency and its smells something like mint and clay which I love.  It has blue particles in it for scrubbing purpose. This product can be mainly used as a cleanser, scrub and pack. 
Initially I used it as a cleanser. Applied it all over my face except the eye area, massaged with gentle movement. I washed my face after 2-3 minutes with fresh water. I felt my skin refreshed and deeply clean but the most important thing is that it didn’t make my skin dry, though I have dry skin in winters it turns into a normal one in spring/summers so the product suits my skin worked really very nice for me. The next time I used it like a scrub and loved the effect which I got after washing my face. It made my skin fresh, clean and soft. I didn’t feel any tightness and dryness on my skin but yes, if you have a normal/dry skin, don’t forget to apply your daily moisturizer as soon as you rinse your face, in this way, your skin will feel more soft. 
The product has a
kaolin clay as base so when used as a mask it soaks up the excess oil
from the skin and once washed off leaves the face slightly brighter, though the glow doesn’t last very long.Despite its clay base it
doesn’t feel over drying on the skin, and this quality makes it more effective.
I found it a very useful product for everyone who have oily/normal skin in summers. This product is able to maintain the oil balance of the skin in hot weather when balancing the oil becomes a difficult task for everyone. The only downside which can make one a bit hesitant to use this is the fact that there are some chemical ingredients but after its effect on my skin, I’ll not mind this con.

Finally, I’m happy with this product because it truly does what it claims. It makes your skin fresh and deeply cleansed. As a scrub it’s very gentle on skin and doesn’t leave any stretchy feeling after use. As a face mask it gives the skin instantly glow which I love. It’s  very economical for mini cleanup at home. I’ll really recommend it to all my friends and readers. It can prove to be a true friend in these coming summers.

PRICE- Rs. 199 for 150 ml

AVAILABILITY- Available at all leading stores

COB RATING-  4.5/5 

What’s your view on Nivea pure effect total face cleanup?