Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin blush(Gracilis)- review, swatches

I’ve used two blush shades from Rouge Bunny Rouge For The Love Of Roses Original Skin Blush in Florita and Orpheline before. Both have been my favorite and you have seen me using these two blushes in many of my look posts. Recently I tried another shade from Rouge Bunny Rouge For The Love Of Roses Original Skin Blush; this time it’s ‘Gracilis’.  Today I’m going to write about my experience using this new blush.

I have described the packaging before so I’m not in mood to repeat it again. Just want to say that I always love their unique elegant packaging. My only complaint is absence of a  brush. A blush box with a brush sometimes proves very useful.

Gracilis is described as a medium rose with a hint of mauve, which is spot on. In my opinion,  RBR are the best beauty brand when it comes to accurate colour descriptions, and so far I’m finding this very true. According to RBR, it’s for pale and cool skin tones, but in my opinion it’s not just for them. It’ll be perfect for cool to medium skin tones too. And I may say that it’s one of my all time favorite blushes ever.  

The formula of this blush is simply amazing. I’ve never used a blush that feels so finely milled and buttery before.  It’s almost creamy. As a result, it blends seamlessly into the skin and even when worn heavily you can’t tell that you’re wearing powder. I have many blushes which I love but have never found any blush as creamy as this one is.

The finish is hard to describe. There’s no shimmer but it’s no lifeless matte either. It’s luminous and glowy, but in the most natural of ways. I can apply it on my face in a sunny day very easily and it looks like my skin is glowing naturally. 

Another  amazing thing about this blush that it lasts for

very long. I wore it in the morning and it lasted for almost for whole day. 

I always love to see its effects on my face. Whenever I do makeup and the time comes to apply a blush, I can’t keep myself from using ‘Gracilis’ on my cheeks. I just adore the way it makes me look so radiant and naturally glowing.

Swatches inside
In sunlight


Finally, I can honestly say that it’s my all time favorite blush. It’s a blush I have been searching for since a long long time, and finally found it. You’ll see me with it several times in my coming look posts. It’s a real luxury product: not for it’s price, but for its quality which you will  hardly find in any other brand. I have three precious blushes from this range. Now I’m eyeing  another three shades and planning to purchase them.

Price –  $23.53


From the RBR online boutique


Have you used any shade from Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin blush?