L’Oréal Paris Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 range – Preview

Hi lovelies,

L’Oréal Paris has introduced Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 range to combat anti aging.

What is so special about this range?

According to the company….

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 has a triple action advantage wherein it restores skin elasticityreduces fine lines, and refines skin texture. The range is created with a set of extraordinary ingredients that are sure to leave you radiant and with healthy looking skin. 

The Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 range includes the ‘Renewing Anti-Aging Serum’ and ‘New Skin Anti-Aging Cream’ both of which are infused with superior anti-aging technologyThe range is designed to provide the radiance of a skin peel and results similar to laser anti-aging treatments.

Transform the quality of your skin with L’Oréal Paris Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 – a revolutionary product range for women who want firm, plump skin that is rid of wrinkles and open pores. The Revitalift .

Sounds interesting..isn’t it? This is a huge thing to be claimed. Usually, dermatological procedures have always outdone off-the-shelf skincare. We’ve all heard about the fabled bottled botox or hope in a jar but nothing really beats the results you’ll get with clinical treatments.But that’s what L’Oreal claims with it’s two new products! This post is for just  for a first impression of these products! The packaging of both products is absolotely gorgeous. I’m very excited to use them and hope these claims will be true. 

I have decided  a routine for using both products! I’ll use Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 serum for morning and  Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 cream for night. I’ll be able to write a review about both products after a two week experience so keep your eyes on COB’s coming posts! 

Have a nice weekend to all my readers!!