Ellis Faas Hot Lips – Review and swatches

Last year, Ellis Faas had launched some new shades in their lip colors range. I already did a preview of Ellis Faas Hot Lips & was so excited to try some of them out and finally I have three shades out of nine to show you.
If you are a regular reader of COB, you must be aware about my love with
this brand! They never let me down as far as the product’s quality is
concerned & it was no different this time!

Before we look at the packaging I want to point out at one difference that is in the color of their paper box that used to be orangish brown in color but this time they’ve changed the box and decided to go for a  Hot Fuchsia. It’s a very pleasant change that I loved.

I’m reviewing any Ellis Faas’ product after quite a long time so once again I’ll describe their unique packaging. The pens come in these fuchsia boxes but inside,the packaging is same like before, the long, shiny silver pen!The mechanism
is pretty simple, you twist the end of the tube and the product is
dispensed out from the brush tip. For the first application, it takes many turns but after that, you need just a single turn to
dispense the product. The bristles of the brush are densely packed and
super soft making the application easy and effortless.

I always love the packaging because it’s travel friendly and very easy to use just one  drawback is that if not used on a regular basis, the product
tends to dry up on the brush which may prevent fresh product to flow out easily
when used.

Let’s come on to the hot new shades:

Ellis Faas Cosmetics “Hot Lips”: L403 Bright Fuchsia 

It’s exactly like its name ‘Bright Fuchsia’;deep hot pink almost neon fuchsia. It’s a very popular shade almost for every skin tone and is very much preferred for special occasions. 

Ellis Faas Cosmetics “Hot Lips”: L408 Baby Pink 

Wow, this is most gorgeous pink I have ever noticed, it’s light soft baby pink. You can say it baby pink but i think it’s more beautiful than an usual baby pink because it’s mixture of pink, white a tinch of yellow shade- all right, I don’t really know how to go about describing it but it’s certainly a gorgeous pink. 

Ellis Faas Cosmetics “Hot Lips”: L401 Bright Red

We can’t imagine a hot lip color without a bright red so this red was a must for the hot lips collection. L401 is beautiful bright red which can be worn almost for all seasons to get a hot effect.

Texture and pigmentation   

The textures of these lip colors is extremely creamy, smooth and velvety. The pigmentation of these three is just out of the world. You need the tiniest bit to cover your whole lips. I have tried many lip colors of this brand before and always loved their high pigmentation but these newbies have something more…I just loved them.

L-R: L408, L401, L403

Lasting power

For lasting power I can say ‘just excellent’ they last on  like a dream, stay for ages. No need to reapply for 7 to 8 hours. Don’t you think that’s amazing?


They have a nice creamy finish, feel smooth on the lips and smell good. I really love the effect I get after applying them on my lips. They give a beautiful finish and full coverage. 


Finally, I’m in love with these three, they are the lip colors, you  just imagine. Beautiful shades, soft and silky texture, amazing pigmentation and excellent lasting power and dreamy finish….awww what more can a makeup junkie want from a lip color?  Let’s keep this short and sweet- They are PERFECT! Soft, bright, pouts- so easy to get with Ellis Faas!


  €25,00 EUR /$35.00 USD each


Available at Ellis Faas website, Sephora and Strwberrynet


What do you think about these lip colors?