Glitter Nails!

The Color Show nailpaints from Maybelline have been a big big hit throughout the world! Personally, I love all the shades from that collection! Therefore, I was really pleased to hear about the new Glitter Mania shades that include a gorgeous mix of light & dark shades. The best part was to get hold of three of these colors, but unfortunately for a shattered bottle of Pink Champagne, I was unable to get my hands on it. 

Starry Nights & All that Glitters are the two shades that I have currently from this collection! Both are equally beautiful & the extravagant shimmer & finish is what impresses ever nailpolish lover! Each polish costs Rs 125, pretty reasonable & a must have in everyone’s collection!  

Have a look at other shades- HERE

Have a lovely day ahead, as for Football freaks throughout India, a lovely night!