The Body Shop Facial Brush- Review

When it comes to a good skin care routine I confess I’m too lazy to follow a strict skin care regime. Sometimes I do it regularly but it only lasts for a few months. When I look at my face in the mirror, I think that my skin condition is okay and am satisfied with its texture; but recently I’ve felt that I should follow a regular skin care routine. In this monsoon I noticed some white heads under my chin and neck areas and some tiny blackheads on my nose. I have to admit that that ignorance with my skin was a big mistake, especially after having been subjected to more sun, changing weather and air pollution. I decided to focus on my skin care, purchased some quality products and started spending more time looking after my skin. I bought some products from The Body Shop a couple of month ago, including this tiny little facial brush that I didn’t ever use. When I saw those blackheads I decided to use that brush to exfoliate my face. 

In the mirror of my own experience


It’s a tiny little soft nylon bristle brush with a handle. Its translucent in color, with white bristles. It has a lid that covers the bristles and keeps it hygienic.

 How I used it

I took some drops of face wash on my hands, rubbed and applied it all over my face. I put a tiny amount of face wash on the facial brush and then started to exfoliate from my nose area. I massaged gently in a small circular motion from nose to chin and then all over my face except the eyes. I did it for about 5 min and then washed my face with fresh water. When I looked in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised to see that almost all the blackheads on my nose were gone in first attempt. My skin was completely exfoliated and looked clean and fresh. The only problem that I noticed  was some redness on my nose area and a little pain on that place. So the next time I brushed more gently and didn’t face any irritation or redness. I used it in another way too. First I cleansed my face with my cleanser, exfoliated with my regular scrub and then applied my favorite face pack. When the face pack was in a semi-dry state, I used the wet brush in a circular movement, then rinsed my face with fresh water. The effect I got after this method was just fatastic. My skin was just glowing. I think it’s a magical brush for blackheads problem.

It has to be said that this method can be slightly more abrasive than a normal gentle exfoliate, so if you have super sensitive skin, I don’t think this one is for you. And as with all exfoliators, you probably shouldn’t use it daily, as it could start to irritate or dry out your skin. 

 But I have found that I like to use it when I’ve been wearing makeup as it really cleans the pores as compared to a regular cleanser applied with cotton wool or your fingers. Apart from this I use it when I do my facial once in a month and I’m very satisfied with the result.

Once you’ve “brushed” your face, you should rinse off the cleanser, dry your face and then either tone and moisturise or simply moisturise, depending on your skin type and how much of a deep clean you think you need.

This brush is perfect for travelling because it’s small and protected by it’s transparent plastic cap. You can easily keep it wherever you want. It’s completely hygienic, you only need to make sure you rinse and dry it thoroughly before you keep it back in its stand as you don’t want any bacteria to build up in there.  Never keep it without its lid. 

Finally I’m happy after using this brush and now it has become a tool of my skin care routine. I’ll recommend it to all my friends and readers. But note, you have to be very gentle while using this facial brush, otherwise it can aggravate acne conditions, bring on rashes and lead to red and patchy skin. It’s not only a useful product but very reasonable in cost too. 

Good points

Does good exfoliation, but with the right textured face pack and a gentle hand.

Very compact and super cute.

Skin feels clean, glowing.

Refines pores.

Easily available 

Bad points

Way too abrasive if used alone.




You can buy it at all The Body Shop stores and at its website too. 

COB Rating