Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx Deep Moisturising Creme – Review

I have used Lotus Herbals Professional PHTORx range Rejuvina Herbcomplex™Protective lotion before and loved it so much. I wanted to use some other products from this range but as you know this range is only for salon use so is not available in stores easily. Recently I found this range at a big cosmetic store in Dehradun so I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few products from this range. Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx Deep Moisturising Cream was my first choice. Though I knew that it’ll be much better in winter for my skin but still I have been using this cream since 2-3 weeks and loving it really. Today I’m ready to share my experience with this herbal moisturising cream with you all. 

What company says…

PHYTO-Rx Deep Moisturizing Cream instantly replenishes moisture in areas where the skin needs it most. Its long-lasting, hydro-soothing effect is due to its effective organic ingredients that act at the very core of moisture reserve in skin by correcting and treating the causes of dehydration. It helps skin regains its suppleness thus improving the texture while making it appear radiant and healthy.

How to use

After Cleansing & toning apply in dots all over face and neck. Smoothen till skin absorbs it. Before stepping out in the sun, apply in combination with Phyto-rx Herbcomplex Daily Protective Lotion Or Phyto-rx Sunscreen. Can be used as often as required, morning and / or evening.


Chamomile: Soothing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant propertiesSoya Extracts: Emollient, revitalizing and high intrinsic phytoestrogen contentApple Juice: Rich in vitamins and helps in balancing the extra moisture in skin.

In the mirror of my own experience 


PHYTO-Rx Deep Moisturizing Cream comes in dark green box as you know that the all products of Lotus Herbals – Professional Phyto-Rx range come in this color. Inside the box  you find a same color glass bottle in round shape with a silver cap. Inside the cap a white plastic lid protects the jar. The packaging is nice to look at but not suitable for travel purpose. I wish the the bottle was made up  of plastic.

Texture & smell

It has a slightly rich formula, perfect for normal and dry skin. The texture is slightly thick and moisturizing. It’s a perfect cream for winters but can be used in in other seasons too on mixing with rose water. Although having a rich formula the cream doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It absorbs into my skin very quickly. I really like the smell although I can’t pin point what exactly it is, I think it smells something like a herbal mix.    

Application & Effect

I have been applying this cream twice a day, first in morning after washing my face and then in the evening, again after washing. I take the product in my palm and then spray some rose water on it, mix it well and then apply on my face and neck in small dots and blend it out. It never makes my skin greasy at all. My skin condition was not bad but I feel after using this cream my skin has become more healthy, soft and rejuvenating. I would love to continue using it in the winter. 

Good points

Though the packaging is not travel friendly but still love its look.
I love the texture of this lotion. It has a bit thick texture but gets absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness behind only giving a soft lovely feeling on my face. 
I really love it’s herbal like smell.
It has natural ingredients and not tested on animals. 
The cream moisturises my skin very well.
 It has given my skin a healthy, soft and supple look. 

Bad points

Due to a bit heavy gloss bottle the packaging is not perfect for travelling.
The brand claims it suitable for all skin types but it’s not for oily or combination skin
It’s available only in salons so it’s not easy to find it elsewhere.


Finally, I loved this moisturising cream from Lotus Herbals. It’s really one of the best moisturising creams for normal to dry skin. It moisturizes the skin very well without making it greasy. You can see the effect of this cream after using for two weeks. The key ingredients are natural so there is no fear of any side effect of chemicals.  The price is quite reasonable so you can afford is easily. I’ll suggest you to try this cream if you have normal or dry skin. I’m sure you’ll love this cream after using it for a few weeks.  


Rs 345 for 50g.


Available at many online stores like Ebay.in and Amazon.in  



That was my experience with Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx Deep Moisturising Creme. What’s your? Have you used it?