Sleek Makeup Gloss Me Summer 2014- Review & Swatches

Hi everyone, 

I really love Sleek MakeUP’s Matte Me–the liquid lip color that goes on like a gloss but dries to a matte finish, yes I didn’t try these glosses yet but I have decided to order some shades from this range soon. I’m not a big fan of shining glossy finish lip glosses But recently the brand sent over samples of the new shades in the Gloss Me range and since I’m completely in a glossy mood I’m today going to review two of this collection. Tai Orchid  and Forbidden City are two of six new shades of Sleek Makeup Gloss Me Lipgloss that launches a few short weeks ago for Summer 2014. The new shades will be a permanent part of the Gloss Me Lipgloss Collection and will bring the number of shades up from six to twelve.

What company says…

Sleek MakeUP describes these as “maximum high-shine coverage” glosses that “ensure a dazzling pout all day long,” and “ultra intense, long lasting colour that doesn’t stray, drenching lips in a full coat of gloss in just one application.”



In the mirror of my own experience 

To be honest, I was not much thrilled about these glosses because I rarely use a gloss nowadays. But when I applied these two newbies, I realised that some times you need a change in your look and a gloss can give a remarkable change, especially for a soft effect!


These lip glosses come in a  typical lip gloss packaging.   a long slender glass tube with an applicator cap. The cap closes tightly so it’s totally travel friendly. The packaging is lovely and classy and I would love to keep them in my handbag. 

Shade,Pigmentation &Texture

The shade ‘ Thai Orchid’ is a pinky mauve with slight shimmer and ‘ Forbidden City is a berry with shimmer. This glosses have a slick, shimmery formula with a high shine finish and intense color pay off when built. The texture of the glosses is as a soft, silkiness that wear very comfortably on lips with a super glass-like finish and a nice hint of shimmer that captures the light in just the right way especially the ‘Forbidden City’ the blueish sparkles in its shimmer makes it more beautiful. They are not sticky at all. I loved both shades but ‘Thai Orchid’ is my favorite between the two. I can apply it for both day and night occasions without any hesitation. Though ‘Forbidden City seemed pretty deep and I was scared to apply it at first but after applying I was pleasantly surprised to see it’s beautiful effect on my lips. I can wear it any of night occasion. Both shades will be perfect for all skin tones.

Application & Effect

The precision tip straight sponge applicator saturates well with color and allows for easy application that’s loads with gloss on the first swipe! The semi-opaque finish  gives to the lips is really alluring and hides any lip pigmentation very beautifully. The presence of light shimmer particles gives a lovely shine to the lips but that too toned down to a beautiful hint of sheen. Even during daytime, these shimmers don’t look odd on the face.They have no taste or fragrance as far as I can tell which is a plus for sensitive users. The wear time is about 4 hours for me. Yes, though the brand claims are for the all day staying power but still it manages to decently stay for 4 hours in this weather.I think that itself is a good staying capacity, in coming winter, I can expect more from them. 

Good points

Lovely classy packaging

Non sticky texture

Semi opaque color

Super glass like finish with a high shine finish

Great staying power

Decent price

Bad points

Staying power not as strong as the brand claims

For me, it’s not a bad point but It would be nice if they would have a nice smell to go with that lovely color


Finally, in the mirror of my own experience I must accept that the brand’s claims are completely true & I can say that these glosses are absolutely worth a try. The texture is silky, non sticky with semi-opaque finish and decent staying power. The effect you get after using them, is really beautiful. After a long time, I’ve started to love glosses again and I must admit the reason of this love. They are not only in high quality but the color range is pretty awesome. I would suggest my readers and friends to go with these lovely glosses! I’m completely sure you would love these glosses after applying them.



Available at sleekmakeup’s website 



I would love to know if you already have these glosses from Sleek Makeup and what shades are your favorites?