Sleek Makeup’s ‘I’M CONDITIONAL’ mascara – Review

As you all know that Sleek Makeup are known and loved for their incredible eyeshadow palettes, blushes, bronzer and gorgeous pout paints and lippies, but they havn’t showed much interest in mascaras! Although mascara plays most important role to our makeup. Only one coat of mascara can give a new life to our face and eyes.  but this is soon going to change! Sleek Makeup have just released their new mascara ‘I’m Conditional’, which I got a few days ago. I have used their Lash Out‘ mascara before and was very happy with that so I was really thrilled to get this new one.

What company says…

I’m Conditional Mascara promotes strong, long, healthy lashes and helps them to grow.

This innovative mascara conditions lashes, the full volume long-wearing formula thickens and lengthens Perfect for building subtle or dramatic effects The unique double bristle brush captures even the hardest to reach lashes, making application quick and easy


In the mirror of my own experience 

I have been using ‘I’m Conditional’ mascara for the past few days and I’m completely ready to write my experience with this newbie.


If you are a Sleek Makeup lover, you must have been remember the bright fuchsia color packaging of  ‘Lash Out’ mascara. But this time it’s completely ‘BLACK’. The product comes in a white box packaging with  a black sharp cut design on it. Inside the box the mascara comes in a round sleek black tube. The wand is in medium sized with lovely bristles. The bristles wrap around the wand in a spiral shape which I really like as I fee it reaches every lash. The end of the wand is quite thin which allows you to reach into inner corners without lots of mess and smudges!The bristles are perfect for application. 
If you ask about the packaging, I’ll have to say that it’s a simple packaging not very attractive at first glance but as a mascara I have no complain at all.

The formula

The formula of this mascara is neither wet nor dry. It is just perfect for giving volume and length to the lashes. Neither too runny nor too thick.The consistency is superb and gives a beautiful effect to your lashes.The color is gorgeous- super rich black, really couldn’t ask for a better shade. 

Application & Effect

The application is really easy. Once the brush is pulled out of the tube, it is loaded with enough product to use as one coat on your lashes. Personally, I like to use the smaller bristles first to coat my lashes and then the special butterfly side as a a finishing effect. I love how perfect and black the formula is and how much colour it gives my lashes. I also love how much it volumizes and lengthens them. It doesn’t give an extra dramatic or false lash effect to my lashes but still gives a gorgeous effect that shows clearly. 

Lasting power

Sleek Makeup’s I’m Conditional’ Mascara is one of the best lasting power mascara, I have in my makeup box, It lasts about for 8 to 9 hours almost all day without smudging or smearing.  This is really easy to to remove with some cleanser olive oil and a wet wipe and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I also haven’t had any transfer of the product on to my eyelids through out the days so far which I am extremely happy about –I think one can’t expect more with a mascara.

Good points

Simple but useful packaging.
 Perfect brush which reaches every lashes even the tiniest one.
The application is so easy without any mess.
 The formula is not too wet nor too dry, just in the middle of the two.
 The color is gorgeous- super rich black, 
Gives lashes great volume and length. 
 The mascara feels so light weighted.
 Doesn’t clump your lashes. 
Gets applied very neatly due to the wonderful brush. 
Amazing lasting power

Bad points

The packaging! Though not much complains but still wish the packaging was more sturdy and eye catching.
The mascara starts getting a little clumpy while applying three coats.

One coats

One coat instantly lengthens my lashes from root to tip and combs them through gently so that they aren’t clumped.

Two coats

 A second coat also adds darkness to the lashes and gives  more volume and become thicker and more striking.


Sleek Makeup have come up trumps again with this product and have once again confirmed why they are one of my favourite makeup brands on the high street. I really, really love this mascara. I love how black the formula is and how much colour it gives my lashes. I also adore how much it volumizes and lengthens them. I will normally wear two coats of this which gives the perfect amount of product to my lashes – there is really no need for three coats in my opinion. It doesn’t smudge at all on my eyes.
This retails for £7.99 on the Sleek Makeup stand in Superdrug stores. I find that mascaras are getting quite expensive at the moment, for examples L’Oreal’s retail at around £10-14 in stores, so I find Sleek Makeup’s I’m Conditional’ mascara really affordable in comparison. I will definitely be repurchasing this and suggest to all my readers to try it out. 




Sleek Makeup’s ‘I’m Conditional’ mascara has launched on 27th August 2014 and Available at sleekmakeup’s website also selected Boots stores,, Superdrug stores and



 Have you tried Sleek Makeup’s I’M CONDITIONAL’ mascara? Which is your favourite lengthening mascara?