Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow – Review

As you all know our skin requires loads of extra moisture during these cold days. I have a collection of body lotions and body butters for this weather. The Body Shop’s body butters have been my favorite for dry weather but I also keep some body lotions always with me. Vaseline has been the staple one for me since years and this time was no different! However, this is the first time I got it in “Cocoa Glow“, read on to find out about my experience!

What company says…

With pure Cocoa Butter and Stratys 3 Multi-layer moisture,Cocoa Glow lotion leaves your skin feeling healthy and glowing. This rich feel formula ignites skin’s natural glow at the source.


In the mirror of my own experience 

I have been using this body lotion since a month and I’m completely ready to write my own experience with this lotion. 


Vaseline Cocoa Glow comes in a sturdy brown plastic bottle with Flip cap open. It’s easy to carry and travel friendly. 

Color, texture and smell

The lotion is pale brownish in color with rich creamy texture which spreads &  gets absorbed into the skin easily. The consistency is neither too thick nor runny. It’s the perfect formula for a body lotion. I really love it’s chocolaty smell. The smell is light, pleasant & not strong, makes my mood fresh- I love Cocoa butter.

Application & Effect

This is my daily body lotion. I use it generously all over my skin immediately after a shower,  and apply it firmly all over the body. It spreads so easily gets absorbed very well. It does not feel sticky on my skin afterwards or throughout the day. This body lotion penetrates deep inside the first layer of the skin  and makes it look hydrated. It keeps me hydrated throughout the day.This body lotion glides easily on to the skin and does not require any extra effort in spreading.

As I have already mentioned that usually my skin is normal/dry but in winter it becomes  dry and starts itching. Sometimes it feels super dry and my skin needs heavy moisturising to keep it soft. I felt a great change in my skin after using it. It felt soft and all the dryness was gone. I have been using this lotion since a month and I can say that my skin looks  healthier and softer after using this body lotion. 

Good points

The packaging is very travel friendly. 

I love the light chocolaty fragrance. 

The consistency is neither too thick nor runny.

It makes my skin feel soft, moisturized and shining healthy.

 It does not make the skin oily as it gets easily absorbed into the skin.

Without requiring any extra effort,It easily spreads on the skin.

It does not get transferred to your clothes.

Reasonable price.

Bad points

It’ll be so nice if it comes in a pump packaging.
If you have oily skin, it’s not for you especially in summer and monsoon.


Finally, I can say that this is one of the best body lotion for winter. If you have dry skin, this will be the best answer for you. The most important thing  of this lotion is it keeps hydrated to the skin throughout the day. You don’t need reapply the lotion again and again. It lasts a full month, or even more than that even if you use it daily all over the body. So the quantity is quite a lot keeping the reasonable price in mind . I’m going to buy a second bottle for myself very soon. So you can understand how much I love this body lotion. 


INR 220 for 300 ml 


Available at all leading stores offline and online



What do you think about Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow ? Which body lotion is your favorite for winters?