Goodbye 2014- Favourite OOTDs

So it’s that day of another year, the 31st of December, when we bid adieu to an year of mixed emotions, an year full of enjoyment, boredom, at times despair but in the end a delightful and joyful one! It was yet another incredible year as a beauty and fashion blogger, getting the opportunity of so much to discover, so much to learn and so much to experiment with! I planned a special post for this last day of the year, picking out some of my personal favourite outfits. Putting together various outfits to bring in variety and style to all the looks is quite a tough job and there is no bigger joy if it turns out really well and inspiring for others! 

So here are a few of them from all seasons that I felt were really worth the efforts, hope you liked them too!

Spring 2014 was all about the beautiful weather, pastels, blazers and flowers! Apart from the top three here are a few more that I loved:


The summer was really heated up! Temperatures soaring up to 35 degrees, the dresses had to be the best option! But it was not an all dress show, printed bottoms and denims, being an all time favourite of mine had to get featured in my summer looks! 

The autumn gets as pleasant as the spring out here, thus getting perfect to don on those light cardigans, blazers and plaid of course! Here are a few of my favourites from Fall 2014!

The winter looks that I’ve picked out comprises of ootds from both January/February 2014 and a few from this November/December. Coats ruled the season at the start of the year, while I seem to have stitched to more cardigans and sweaters in the current season!

Last but not the least, Ethnic Outfit of the Year has to be this Red carpet look using the  L’Or Lumiere Cannes Collection by L’Oreal Paris that was launched this summer! 

So, that was it from 2014, wish you all a very happy New Year’s Eve and all the good luck for the new year ahead!