L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines+Whitening Cream 30+- review, my experience

Today I’m here with the second product of L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect range.  It’s L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines+Whitening Cream 30+ .  As you know about this range of L’Oreal Paris in my previous posts where I discussed about this range in detail. These are three variant from this range for 20+, 30+ and 40+ aged skin. As I said in my previous post that I chose to use Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines+Whitening Cream 30+ because I’m already 30 plus so I was really curious to use it and get to see its effects on my skin  
So, now I am going to sum up my experience with this this cream in detail.


What company says…


In the mirror of my own experience 


The outer package of  L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines+Whitening Cream 30+is in white with golden and red color combinations where the descriptions are available. The “AGE 30+” is clearly visible on the pack and that makes it easy to choose a cream according to your age. Inside, the cream comes in a sturdy round bottle which is also white with dull golden lid that is similar to that of  L`Oréal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Plus Whitening Cream 20+. Inside the lid, you find an inner lid with a small hand grip for easy opening. I have mentioned in my previous post that the packaging is good but not travel friendly and the jar packaging is not hygienic so I would prefer the tube packaging.




Smell &Texture

 L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Fine Lines+Whitening Cream 30+ is off white colored and has a lovely floral fragrance that I love. Maybe it would be a minus point for those who don’t like strong smell. But the best part is that the smell goes away after some time. The texture is soft and silky. The consistency is neither too thick nor too runny.  So it blends easily on the skin. 


Application & Effect

I started using this cream during winters. My skin becomes dry in winter and in Dehradun the winter is so chilly and dry.  When I firstly applied this cream, I noticed that it spread on my skin nicely.  Since it had pretty good SPF coverage I expected a white cast on the skin on application which is a normal thing for a cream with sunscreen and this one too had it. However it blends in perfectly that once it sets into the skin the white cast vanishes leaving a glow on the skin. But  you can get a patchy effect if the cream is not blended properly, so you must blend it well. It glides smoothly on the skin and absorbs quickly as it is a lightweight cream.I applied it twice, first in the morning after cleansing my face and then at night after cleansing and toning. I applied a good eye cream around my eyes circles.It gives your skin a matte effect that is great in summer and monsoon but it has not enough moisture to moisturize my dry skin in winter. I had to use a moisturizer before applying it. But these days I’m loving its matte effect on my skin. The winter has gone and my skin turn into normal again so I’ll say that  if your skin’s nature is like me you should avoid this cream in winters. I really love that It has 21 SPF, that provides sun protection as the summer season is not too far away, it’ll be good to have a protection from the detrimental UV rays.

Now I would like to talk about the effect, but before that I would like to state, for the readers’ more certain information, some of my skin problems. I have fine lines around my eyes and lips area and some very light brown spots on my face. After using a month I have noticed all my brown spots have faded away. I feel my skin much hydrated and tight. In case of fine lines, they may have reduced – nothing very noticeable though. But still I love its effect within a month. The cream is about to finish now and I already have bought the other one.

Good points

 A nice cream for oily/combination skin.
Pleasant fragrance
Gives a matte effect
Can be used as a primer before using foundation, for oily skin
Can be used by normal skin in summer as a day cream.
has light texture, blendable too
Gives a instant bright effect after applying
Dermatologically tested.
Super affordable to see its quality and quantity
Contains SPF21+++
Easily available

Bad Points

 L’Oreal need to concentrate on moisturizing part. This cream doesn’t provide enough moisture and makes skin dry and tight especially in winters.
Jar packaging is not hygienic.
Doesn’t work enough for fine lines.
Need to use a separate eye cream for eye areas.  


Finally I can that L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti – Fine Lines + Whitening cream is a nice high quality cream for 30+ women and for all those who want to prevent or delay first signs of aging.  It has 21 SPF, that provides sun protection though I’ll suggest you to apply a sunscreen as well especially in summer before going  outside but at times if you forget this can protect your skin  from the detrimental UV rays. It is a great choice for oily skin and brightens the skin giving it a matte look. It can be used as a makeup base too. I’ll highly recommend it to my readers who have oily to combined skin. For dry skin readers, I’ll suggest  using a good moisturizer before applying it. 


 Rs. 425 for 50 gm
 Rs. 149 for 18gm


Available in all leading Cosmetic hubs and online