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Today in The Weekend PointersToday in The Weekend Pointers, I’ll not talk about skin or hair problems. it’ll be a slightly different topic today. The topic is makeup and Mac. You know, Mac is probably the most famous makeup brand and I think any makeup discussion will not be completed without talking of this brand. I got many question in which my readers want to know about some products of Mac to which they can buy without any confusion. Some products that are must have in a makeup lover. 

Mac has some most popular products in their stalk. Women all around the world are crazy about these products. Whenever you visit a Mac counter, you want to purchase many products and after purchasing when you come back home, you realized that  some products were not essential as you thought at the time of buying.

 There are plenty of top MAC products out there that you absolutely love. MAC is one of the most popular brands in the world and it’s so tough to choose just the 5 top MAC products out here, but to narrow it down I have selected 5 must have products. 
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5 Must Have Products from Mac Cosmetics

1- Mac Paint pots

The Weekend Pointers-5 must have products from Mac, Mac cosmetics, Beauty blogger, Indian Beauty Blogger, Chamber of Beauty

The Paint Pot is a very must have product for all women who love doing eye makeup. It’s creamy  eye shadow that can be used as an eye primer. It comes in different colours. You can choose a shade that is close with your skin tone. Apply it on your lids before applying eye shadow. It absorbs the excess oil and dries with a powderish satin effect. It hides veins and uneven colour of your eyelids. It’s a perfect base for eye makeup because it’s crease-proof and long lasting. It holds your eyeshadow and you are free after your eye makeup for a whole day. 

2- Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

The Weekend Pointers-5 must have products from Mac, Mac Studio fix foundation, Mac cosmetics, Beauty blogger, Indian Beauty Blogger, Chamber of Beauty

I have many used many foundations, but only a few have been my favorite. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is one of them. I’ll talk about others some other day, but Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is the foundation to which you’ll love just after your first application the only condition is the shade you have chosen is right to your skin color. This foundation is one of the perfect foundation for pictures. You get not only a full coverage with this but also with a light texture on your skin. 

3- Mac Blot powder

The Weekend Pointers-5 must have products from Mac, Mac cosmetics, Beauty blogger, Indian Beauty Blogger, Chamber of Beauty

Mac Blot pressed powder is the best powder I have ever used. It set your makeup beautifully the best part of this powder is that it doesn’t change the color of your skin. You can apply it on your face with makeup or without makeup. You can purchase these pressed powder without any tension of color matching because it’s almost colorless. It gives a pearly finish to your skin. I don’t apply foundation or BBcream often, but Mac Blot powder is a must have for me. 

4- Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Gel

The fourth product you should buy is Mac Fluidline Eyeliner gel. You’ll fall in love after using this like me. It goes on so smooth and silky on your lids and makes your eye makeup so easy. When I firstly bought it, I was not as perfect in applying an eyeliner but with Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Gel lining my eyes became an easy task for me. If you are going to buy a Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Gel make sure to go with black because it’s the color you can apply oftenly. It’ll not dry if closed tightly after every application and will last long.  

5- Mac Matte Lipsticks

The Weekend Pointers-5 must have products from Mac, Mac cosmetics, Beauty blogger, Indian Beauty Blogger, Chamber of Beauty

Lipsticks are the weakness of every woman, no doubt about this fact and Mac lipsticks come on the top. If you are confused while choosing a Mac lipstick, I’ll suggest you to go for the matte lipsticks especially Mac Ruby Woo which is ought to be a must-have for women. I bought many shades before buying Mac Ruby Woo because I use to think that all red shade are same but after using this lipstick my opinion has completely changed. The other favorite shades are ‘Runway Hit’ “Pink Plaid’ ‘Angel’ ‘Please Me’ ‘Relentlessly Red’ and ‘Kinda Sexy’. There are many more shades, but These shades(mentioned above) can suit every skin tone and will be perfect for  everyone.

So, that’s all for toady, I hope you find this post helpful if you are in a dilemma as to which Mac cosmetics products you should invest in. The prices are rising and therefore I feel that if you have a limited budget and are in search of some valuable products, these five are what you should go for. 

P.S- None of the images is my own, Image source- Google

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