NYX Auto Eye Pencil-review, swatches

NYX Auto Eye Pencil-review, swatches, NYX blue eyepencil review, NYX auto eye pencil Sapphire

I love using different colored eye pencils on my eyes. Whenever I get bored of black eyeliners, I try some other colors on my eyes and believe me just one change gives a significant effect to my makeup. I have collected different colors of eye pencils of various brands. I found some of them great in quality and some average. Recently I got a new eye pencil from NYX as a part of my August Fab Bag.

This is a blue colored eye pencil in shade “Sapphire” from NYX Auto Eye Pencil range.

What company says…

NYX Auto Eye Pencil takes your look to a whole new level of beautiful by emphasizing your eyes with this rich, intense, long lasting eyeliner pencil! The creamy texture of NYX Auto Eye Pencil delivers intense pigmentation while it moisturizes. It’s a twist-up style eyeliner and doesn’t need to be sharpened.

In the mirror of my own experience


NYX Auto Eye Pencil-review, swatches, NYX blue eyepencil review, NYX auto eye pencil Sapphire

The packaging is cute and sturdy, it’s just like a sleek pen with black body and cap. The pencil has a silver end and blue at the tip point that indicates the  shade. It is a glide on pencil so you don’t need to sharpen it, thank god!(sharpening pencils is such a headache for me). The wastage of the product makes it even more painful. The pencil caps with a slight click that makes it totally secure and safe.

NYX Auto Eye Pencil-review, swatches, NYX blue eyepencil review, NYX auto eye pencil Sapphire


The shade is almost navy blue but not as intense as expected. I love applying blue on my eyes as it not only shows up clearly like black but also gives a different effect to the eyes.

Texture and pigmentation

I found the texture of NYX Auto Eye Pencil Sapphire quite smooth and it glides decently on the lids. It can even be applied on the waterline. Like other eye pencils, it doesn’t break if applied with pressure. A far as the pigmentation is concerned, I found that the color is not as rich as I expected. When I applied it on my hand I found that one swipe gave a feeble payoff. I got an intense color after several swipes.

NYX Auto Eye Pencil-review, swatches, NYX blue eyepencil review, NYX auto eye pencil Sapphire

Application and effect

It applies smoothly on the lids and the waterlines but due to less pigmentation, I have to line several times to get the right color. Anyways, I was glad to see its effect when I applied it at first but after a few minutes I noticed a blue line on my crease and it became darker after some time. Maybe it happened due to my super oily lids but It smudges very fast just after the first hour of application. I noticed that the liner was totally gone from my waterlines after only half an hour of application. I was shocked to see some blue traces around my eyes without any shape, I mean all the shapes of lines were gone and they turned into some horrible blue traces. I learned from my first application of this pencil that I never take a risk to go anywhere with this pencil.

Staying power

Still need to say anything about the lasting power? I think if you have oily lids like me, the liner will stay for about one hour, but you’ll have to carry a tissue and mirror to keep on wiping the trace from your crease. But I think it may last a bit longer on non-oily eyelids. 

Good points

Cute packaging and easy retraction 


Smooth texture

Glides easily

Beautiful blue shade

Suits all skin tones

NYX Auto Eye Pencil-review, swatches
3-4 swipes

Bad points

Poor pigmentation

Needs several swipes to get the right color

Smudges easily

Poor staying power


I’m not impressed with this eye pencil. I’m totally disappointed because I didn’t expect this quality from an NYX product. I really love its packaging and the shade, but it does nothing else. Not recommended. I am not sure if all the shades of NYX Auto eye pencil have similar pros & cons.


275 for 0.22 gm


Available online HERE in 3 other shades

COB Rating


Have you tried NYX Auto Eye Pencil?

Disclaimer-The product was a part of my Fab Bag, but all opinions expressed are my own