Fab Bag February 2016 Review & Photos

February 2016 Fab Bag Review

Fab Bag Unboxing, Fab Bag February 2016 Review & Photos

Hi friends,
Today I’m with my Fab Bag February 2016 that I received in the second week of February. Due to my extremely busy schedule, I didn’t get time to unbox my Fab Bag February 2016 but finally, I’m here with bag to show what I got in this month Fab Bag.

This month Fab Bag is themed around ‘Love and Makeup’ that is perfect for February- the month of Love!
So let’s check what I received in my Fab Bag February 2016!

My February Fab Bag contains  products-

Fab Bag Unboxing, Fab Bag February 2016 Review & Photos

Fab Bag Unboxing, Fab Bag February 2016 Review & Photos

Chamki Nail polish
Hikari Cosmetics Blush-Cameo
Just Herbs Shea Lip Butter Balm
BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish
Bioderma Photoderm Mat Sunscreen

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Chamki Nail polish

The first product of the February Fab Bag is a full size nail polish called ‘Chamki’. It’s an Indian brand with a cute traditional name ‘Chamki’ which means shining. I got the shade ‘Rani Pink’ that is a deep pink shade. Though I’m not a fan of deep shades but this is a lovely shade for those who loves bright color nail paints. The saddest part of this product is that it was manufactured in May 2014 and the expiry date is November 2016, so quite an old packaging.
Price- INR 250 for 11 ml

Hikari Cosmetics Blush- Cameo

This is the favorite product from this month Fab Bag. It is a full sized blush from Hikari Cosmetics, once again a brand I never tried before. The shade ‘Cameo’ is a lovely light pink with a totally matte finish. The shade is so beautiful and perfect for coming  summer. 

Price- INR 1000 full size

Just Herb Liquorice Shea Lip Butter Balm

The third product is a lip butter balm from Just Herb. I have used some products from this brand and love them. This lip butter balm has a light texture that will be good for spring/summer. The balm hydrates the lip and doesn’t feel sticky. I love its fragrance.

Price- INR 345 for 8 gm

B:Blunt Spotlight Hair Polish

I have become a big fan of BBlunt after using some of their products. The name spotlight hair polish sounds quite attractive. I haven’t tried this product yet but am excited to try it out. Though I got it in a 30 ml sample sized bottle but I would love to try this hair polish.
Price- INR 550 for 150 ml

Bioderma Photoderm Mat Sunscreen

The last product of Fab Bag February 2016 is a sunscreen from Bioderma. Another sample sized product, I have read great reviews about this brand so would love to try this out. 


Overall, this is a very satisfactory Fab Bag. The products include makeup, hair as well as skincare, which makes it perfectly balanced. I got to try a number of new and exciting brands like Hikari Cosmetics. Had a few issues with the old packaging but otherwise, loved it!! 
Fab Bag Unboxing, Fab Bag February 2016 Review & Photos

You can subscribe to the FabBag here :  http://www.fabbag.com/
Cost :

– Rs. 599/- for a one-time box

– Rs. 1,499/- for a 3-month subscription

– Rs. 2,699/- for a half yearly subscription
– Rs. 4,799/- for an annual subscription.  

Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own