Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream Review

Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

Hey everyone,

As you all know that I’ve been using Kosmea Australia products for my skin over the past couple of months and absolutely loving the effect of this organic brand’s products on my skin! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream which I have been using in combination with the Kosmea Rosehip oil.

What company says…

Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream is the first and only product in the Australian market to use Hyalurolift. Hyalurolift is a clinically tested alternative to sodium hyaluronate, or hyaluronic acid. Hyalurolift is botanically derived and vegan-friendly, the ingredient is a polysaccharide from the seeds of the Indian plant, Cassia Angustifolia. These polysaccharides hydrate skin in two ways, providing intense moisturisation as well as forming a protective film on the surface of skin, which binds water and keeps moisture sealed within. As a result, skin is plumped up, and fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother. This makes for a more even complexion surface, which in turn increases skin radiance. A great moisturiser for all skin types including sensitive.


Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

Certified organic rosehip oil: rich in essential fatty acid, vitamins and antioxidants for good skin health

Carrot oil: high in vitamin A for anti-ageing

White tea extract: a strong antioxidant for preventing premature skin ageing

Horsetail extract: skin-strengthening

Shea butter: deeply nourishing

How to use

After cleansing, gently massage into the face and neck. For a real skin treat mix a couple of drops of Certified Organic Rosehip Oil with Replenishing Moisture Cream for an extra boost of organic rosehip oil! Can also be worn over the top of Kosmea’s Eighth Natural Wonder™.

In the mirror of my own experience 

Kosmea Replenishing moisturiser comes in a white and blue outer packaging similar to its eye cream. You can get all the needed information on the outer box of the product. The actual product comes packed in a similar coloured tube with a flip open cap. The packaging is beautiful and ideal in every way. It’s light weight, totally hygienic, easy to use and secure for travelling. 

Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

The cream is light yellow in colour and the formula is thick and rich but the best part of this cream that it doesn’t make my the skin oily or greasy like other thick formula creams.

It has some kind of light floral smell like that of roses that feels very soothing.  The main ingredient of this cream is organic rose hip seed oil that works wonders for the skin. it also contains lots of other natural and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil seed, aloe vera leave extract, calendula, green tea and carrot root extract etc. These are all marvellous for the skin.

Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

I have been using Kosmea Replenishing moisturiser cream for a month with Kosmea Rose hip oil. I use this at night. After cleansing and toning, I massage the skin with two or three drops of rosehip oil and leave the skin for a few minutes. After a while, I apply the cream on my face and neck. I take a pea size amount of the product because the oil already moisturises the skin well. In this way, the mixture of both products gives a boost to my skin.Sometimes when I apply the cream alone, I need a bit more amount to cover the face and neck. 

Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

I love how well the cream spreads on the skin and absorbs into it without any effort. I always suffered from skin dryness in dry winter and struggled for a right product for this problem. But this winter, I’m totally satisfied with the products I used. The cream made my skin supple and smooth just in a week. It completely healed my dry skin in few applications. I noticed the actual effect of Kosmea Replenishing moisturiser cream after three to four weeks of usage, my skin complexion has become brighter because it reduced all the tiny brown spots from my face. My skin has also become a bit plumper and I noticed a visible difference on the fine lines and wrinkles. I really love how it hydrates my skin and gives it a healthy glow. I think the cream totally does what it claims to do. I’m in love with this cream.

Kosmea Replenishing Moisturising Cream Review

Good points

Makes the skin moisturised without feeling heavy.
Hygienic & travel-friendly packaging
Has a nice soothing fragrance
Contains skin-friendly ingredients
Very effective
Works best when used with the Rosehip oil

Bad points

Not available in India


Overall it’s an impressive cream and one of the favourite moisturising creams I have ever used. It works wonders for the skin. After a month of use, I’m entirely in love with its effects on my skin. It made my skin brighter, plumper and hydrating. It reduced the pigmentation and works great on thin fine lines and wrinkles. I can’t give the full credit of my  skin’s condition to it because I think the combination of the Kosmea Rosehip Oil and the Replenishing moisturiser cream  worked great. 




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Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own