Born Pretty Store Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it, Born Pretty Store nail art tools

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Today I’m here with a cute & useful product from Born Pretty Store, a place that is like heaven for nail art lovers. Every girl loves painting her nails with different shades of nail paints but the beginners always face problem in applying their nail paints neatly & avoid being messy.  In the beginning, when I started to apply nail paints regularly, I was so bad at it. You can see in my 2-3 years back nail paint posts how messy and unclean my application was. After practicing regularly, I have controlled  this problem so some extent but even now I confess that I’m not perfect in this art. I have come here with a useful product from Born Pretty Store that makes the nail paint application easy especially for beginners.
The name of this product is Kasako Docai Anti-Overflow Glue.

What company says…

It’s quite strange that it comes without any information or instructions that could help new users to know about this product. The picture online shows you how to use it in four steps but I think it’ll be better if the bottle comes with some information and instructions to use the product. 

In the mirror of my own experience 

The product comes in a white matte glass bottle with a brush. The brush is exactly like a nail paint brush. The glue inside the bottle is white and thick in texture. The brush makes application easy. I apply the glue around the edges of my nails. I let it dry for about a few minutes and then apply the nail paint. 

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it

Here is quick picture tutorial of how to use  Anti-Overflow Glue.

I apply a layer of Anti-Overflow Glue around the edges of my nails. I try to get as close to the nail but not too close because in this case the glue can get on to the nails. I find that the application of this glue is a bit tricky and wants some practice to apply neatly.I tried my best, but still you can see some flaws around the edges of my nails. 

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it

Anyways you can adjust these flaws with a reapplication. If the glue touches the nails you can wipe it out with a cotton bud.Leave the glue to dry for around 10 to 15 minutes. The glue goes white and dries completely after 15 minutes. It becomes clear after drying.Apply the nail paint carefully on the nails and wait for it to dry. You’ll have to wait for just 5 to 10 minutes if you have used a good quality nail paint. 

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it

After that, peel off the glue from the edges which is a very thing to do. Once you have done that you will get rid of the messy edges. 

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review & How to Use it

As I mentioned that the glue becomes absolutely clear & invisible after drying. This makes it a little tricky to see from where to start peeling off. Apart from this, I have no complaints with this product. 

L'Oreal Paris Les Vernis NOTD
The end result! You can check out more pics of this NOTD- HERE


On the whole, it’s a great product. It can help solve your nail art woes easily. Just requires some skill to apply it in the right areas. I’m definitely getting another bottle even before this one gets over. You can use my code ‘RCOBK31‘ to get a 10% discount on your order when you shop at Born Pretty Store!




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Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own