Luxury Online shopping in India- | My experience & what I bought

Hey everyone,

Today’s post is something I am really excited to share with you all. I wanted to post this a few weeks ago itself but due to other priorities wasn’t able to work on this article. Finally, I’m here with my personal shopping experience from an Indian luxury online fashion portal. Luxury shopping in India is only meant for the rich. Those belonging to the middle class cannot even think of shedding so much of money on a bag, a dress or a pair of shoes; thanks to the ridiculously high prices. I know many ladies who long to own a luxury handbag but can’t do so. The prices are not the only reason. Availability is also an issue. Barring 8-10 cities, no luxury brand has an outlet in the other cities of India. In that case, we shift our attention to online stores. is based on the concept of selling international luxury pieces at the best prices possible. 
I was looking for a black statement bag that would go with lots of different outfits. When it comes to luxury brands, it’s not Prada or Chanel that comes to my mind, rather I had always wanted to own something from brands like Kate Spade, Lulu Guinness, Charlotte Olympia. These brands have something unique to offer. Their quirky, cute yet classic designs are something that I really love. So while searching for these brands I came across Darveys. I felt this could just be the store I was looking for. I quickly filtered my search to Kate Spade, my & the colour ‘black’. And what came up was this beauty! However, I couldn’t see the price as it said ‘Member’s Only‘. I found out that to shop from Darveys, one needs to register & become a lifetime member for INR 1000. According to them, they do this to find serious customers who are actually interested in purchasing & not just browsing. Alright then, I applied for the membership, received a unique code to activate my account & now I could see all the prices. 

 Actually, I really wanted a Cedar Street Small Hayden because it’s of a perfect size & shape but it wasn’t available in the color black, they just had it in red & burgundy. So finally, I settled for this beautiful little Cedar Street Mini Maise crossbody & placed my order. As always, I went for COD payment method. I was told that the delivery would take almost 10 days but I will have to pay some amount (almost 3/4th of the total) in advance to someone who’ll come to collect it. I wasn’t sure about this but when the guy who had come to collect the money handed me three boxes from Darveys, each containing receipts, I was satisfied. 

This happened within 3 days of placing the order. Now, I was eagerly waiting for the bag to arrive but 10 days passed & nothing came. I was worried so I called up on their customer care number. I was told that the order was in transit & would soon arrive. Phew! And finally after two weeks ( from placing the order) I finally had my Darveys package in my hands. Everything was very nicely packed. On opening the package, I found an invoice from some New York boutique which justified the slight delay. Everything at Darveys is shipped straight from an international boutique. 

Overall, I had a great experience, the entire procedure was smooth & impressive. All the receipts etc are sent in well packaged boxes. There was just one thing that I feel can be improved. They did not offer any ‘First purchase’ discount or free gift that almost all online stores offer. While filling the membership form, I was asked to pick a perfume of my choice & the options included Chloe, Alexander McQueen etc. I thought that perhaps they will be offering  a perfume sample along with the membership letter but that was not the case. They don’t reply to emails at all so calling up is the best way to get in touch with them. Darveys, I hope you are reading this! 
Hope you enjoyed reading my experience with this online luxury portal and hopefully, this may guide you in case you are wanting to shop from there. Oh! How pretty is my new Kate Spade crossbody!