#COBCooks- Healthy & tasty food during Ramadan 2016

Hey everyone,

Today’s post is not at all about beauty, fashion entertainment etc but introduces an entirely new section on Chamber of Beauty- #COBCOOKS. Yes, it’s a food post! I have always loved checking out food posts of so many bloggers & I thought that I could, occasionally, do the same. Because, as much as I love beauty & fashion, I enjoy cooking. And what a better time than the last day of the holy month of Ramadan?! Every evening of the month saw the table being set, new dishes being made, lots of fruits & juice being served. This year, we tried to go for dishes that were on the healthier side but not compromising on taste.So, here I am with some of my favourite dishes that I cooked & had during Ramadan 2016!

Is there anyone on the earth who doesn’t love tasty noodles? I love to mix a lot of vegetables in this dish. It’s easy to make, light, healthy made in less oil and very very delicious.

This is a traditional Dahi Vada that takes some hours to prepare but believe me, it’s really a mouth watering dish. It’s something I love eating during summers, especially after fasting for the entire day in June!

Ah! Nothing tastes like these crispy chicken cutlets! Grab a cup of tea, some fresh salad & enjoy.

I have been loving this Gujrati dish in Ramadan. It’s light and healthy and no doubt, so tasty. You can cook it easily in less than 15-20 minutes.

I loved these bread and potato Dahi Vada. It’s tasty and healthy. The best part of this dish is that it’s made without oil so can be eaten without any guilt!

    The most favorite dish for iftar this year! Half a bowl of chholey with a lot of fruits and juice has been enough to give me energy. This dish is made in less oil and is very healthy and delicious. 

    I hope you enjoyed this post! My iftar included lots of fruits, juice, water of course & at times a big bowl of sprouts. These were some of the special dishes that I made during the month, what about you?

    By the way, I have shared a quick unboxing video of July 2016 Fab Bag- HERE