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Kérastase Paris Nutritive Bain Satin 1 shampoo review, price in India

Kerastase Paris is a world famous brand for hair care products. Recently the brand has come up with a new range in India that is already popular in other parts of the world named Kérastase Paris Nutritive Bain Satin shampoo range. There are 3 different types of shampoo in this range. Bain Satin 1 is for normal to dry hair, Bain Satin 2 and 3 is for chemically treated and thick and very dry hair. Kerastase Paris believes that hair is a language, especially for women. Every hairstyle tells a story, a girl’s current mood. Be it the gorgeous open tresses, the work mood bun, the ponytail, Kerastase Paris aims to make our hair ready for every challenge, every situation! Read on to find out my experience with this new shampoo.

What company says…

This creamy, rich-textured, pearlescent gel creates a fast, velvety lather. It removes residues and prepares the hair for deep nutrition. Hair is infinitely light and nourished, with a brilliant finish.


Key Technology: 
• Our Nutritive first Gluco-Active enriched treatment programme for complete nutrition.
• Glucose: Provides an energy boost for the nutrition of the hair fibre.
• Proteins: Nourish the hair fibre and leave it feeling soft.
• Lipids: Protect the fibre from drying out and improve its natural protection.
• Each Bain Satin reference has been formulated with glucose, proteins and lipids to restore the nutritive balance of the hair fibre from root to tip and to protect it against the drying out process. The hair is left with lightness and more body at the same time. Hair feels soften with enhance shine.
• Gently cleanses while providing optimal fibre nutrition to dry hair
• Leaves hair smooth, soft and supple without unwanted weight
• Evens out hair surface for optimized shine

How to use:

• Wet hair thoroughly.

• Apply Bain Satin.

• Massage through the scalp and hair using the flats of the hands and complete the gentle  massage technique, emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Blot-dry.

• Re-apply using the gentle massage technique and leave for a few minutes.

• Lather by adding a little water and gently emulsify before rinsing thoroughly.

In the mirror of my own experience 

Kerastase Nutritive shampoo comes in white shiny bottle. The bottle has a orange and silver screw in lid. When you open the lid you find a very small opening that helps to control the amount of product you desire. I would have loved a pump technique but still I have no problem with this at all. Overall the packaging is good,sophisticated, the bottle is not too heavy and the lid is totally secure to travel with.

The shampoo is white coloured and has a mild and pleasant smell that I love. 
I take an average amount of product for my medium length hair. A bit more is required for oiled hair. In the beginning, it lathers mildly but removes all the impurities perfectly. a very small amount of product is needed once the oil is gone and it lathers very well and washes off hair probably.

As you all know my hair is normal to dry in texture. I had it highlighted recently. Basically, it is soft silky and slightly wavy by nature. Monsoon always comes like a bad dream for my hair. I face hair fall, frizziness and dullness in my hair. I really hate monsoons for this reason. Anyways, usually I always use a conditioner on my hair after shampooing but these days I avoid it due to the hair fall.
Coming on to the effect, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see its effect on my hair at first wash. I noticed that my hair felt soft, supple and shiny even without using conditioner. It leaves them light and bouncy. The shampoo has silicon in it however, it never gives a slippery feeling to my hair. With a conditioner, it looks even more healthy and soft. This effect stays for 4-5 days which is absolutely great.

I have used this shampoo just 4-5 times but I’m very happy and satisfied with the result. It reduced the frizziness and dullness visibly. I can’t comment on its effect on my hair fall yet but I’m hopeful about it. The only down part of this shampoo is that it contains silicon(chemicals) but no doubt it’s really effective.

Good points

Nice packaging
Pleasant smell
Lathers well
Works mildly
Moisturising and gentle shampoo
Cleans properly
Makes my hair soft and bouncy
Reduces frizziness and dullness
Work great even without a conditioner
Lasts for 4-5 days
Neither makes my hair dry nor weighs it down
Gives an instant shine to the hair 

Bad points
Contains silicon and sulphates
Availability might be an issue


I’m very happy with the initial result of this shampoo. My hair looks soft silky and bouncy. This is really effective for normal/dry,fine and sensitised hair. I’ll recommend it to all my readers who can afford the price and not very keen on SLS or silicon free shampoos. As you all know Kerastase Paris is one of the best high-end haircare brands , they have products for all kinds of hair.


INR 1700 for 250 ml


Available at leading salons across the country



Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own