5 Top Accessories to Achieve the Perfect Business Casual Look

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Hope you are doing well. In today’s post, the topic will be fashion but we will discuss for some different issues.

When we have to define a look or a fashion trend, things should be easy enough – after all, we now have plenty of resources to learn from. But while it is a piece of cake to describe and adopt a formal business outfit, a casual one or a bohemian one, when it comes to dressing up “business casual”, the waters suddenly become murky. We usually understand each concept separately, but when put together, they create a gray and wide area where everything is possible. How much “business” is too formal and how much “casual” can be introduced in an outfit before becoming too casual?

According to some definitions, a business casual look (also known as smart casual) can vaguely be described as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style”. In other words, you can go to work completely underdressed or overdressed and still not understand when things went wrong. Today we will take a look at the main elements of the business casual look and try to narrow down this particular dress code by referring to the main accessories a woman can juggle with to pull off such an outfit without much effort.

After all, it’s the details that matter and whether you love your jeans and sneakers or your crew neck midi dress, you can find a balance by properly accessorizing.

1. The Pearl Pendant to Style up a Casual Outfit

This timeless, versatile piece of jewelry is your go-to accessory when it comes to finding the perfect balance between a formal and a laidback look. The power of a pearl pendant necklace is that it can be worn with a casual outfit containing jeans and sneakers or a flowery printed dress and flat shoes. It styles up a casual outfit especially if you stack it with some thin and feminine chains over a shirt.

2. The Stacked Bracelets to Tone down a Business Outfit

You may be in favor of a more formal look containing skirts, blouses, midi-dresses or suits. If this is your personal style, you may look a bit overdressed in less informal working environments. In order to find balance, try stacking some bracelets for a more boho look that makes you appear like a free-spirited, laid back and fun person to be around.

Stacking bracelets is an art – and there are different ways to do it depending on specific styles – and you should try finding the best combinations (which are not too flashy or glamorous for a regular office day).

3. The Backpack to Rule Them All

In the last few years, the backpack gained its rightful place back on runways, in the streets, and corporate environments. It is no longer perceived as a staple of the young college student generation, travelers, commuters, or freelancers. The backpack can add a dash of “casualness” to more formal attire, allowing you to wear almost anything you like.

And if you think that backpacks don’t go with high heels, you should know that there are so many high-quality canvas rucksack backpacks out there, and they go with everything from stilettos to combat boots. Modern backpacks are versatile, feminine, stylish and hip, so they work insanely well with skirts, dresses, trousers, blazers and even two-piece power suits.

4. The Classic Black Office Bag

The large black leather office bag is the trademark of business looks and outfits until you see one sported by a young woman wearing sneakers, leggings, and a leather jacket. In other words, the classic oversized black office bag left the set of the “Devil Wears Prada” and moved onto the streets. Taking a look at some celebrities, you will soon find that the business casual dress code never looked better.

5. The Shoes

There is a long and probably endless debate on what shoes to wear to achieve a business casual look. It all depends on the working environment you belong to, your personal level of comfort and the general picture you display with other clothes and accessories. However, to get as close as you can to achieving a balanced, chic and attractive business casual look, keep in mind the following tips:

  • High heels or flats don’t matter as long as they are closed-toe. High heels style up a more casual outfit and flats tone down a more business one, but under no circumstance you should feature open-toe flip flops.

  • Nude shoes are just like pearl necklaces – they go with everything and add a dash of contemporary elegance to any outfit. Don’t for a second think that nudes should be high-heeled. You can wear flat nudes as well to make your legs slimmer and longer and to be able to wear any type of clothes you want. Just make sure your nudes match your skin tone.

  • Sneakers are allowed and encouraged in a business casual outfit as long as you don’t sport your comfy gym trainers at the office.

Achieving a balanced and stylish business casual look may be subjected to a trial and error process, but you can pull it off if you always remember to value your personal comfort and make the best out of your personal style that best matches the working environment and its dress code.

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