Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review
Have you heard about egg oil? You all would have used eggs as a hair pack on your hair but have you used egg oil ever? If you ask me it is totally a new thing for me. When I was asked to try out Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil then I couldn’t stop myself to say “yes” because I really was excited to try this oil in my hair . So today I’m here with a review of Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil.
What company says…

EYOVA brings to you the goodness of eggs in an ‘oil new avatar. Hair problems have become an inevitable part of our life. Apart from environmental impact, there a lot of things that we do ourselves to damage our hair e.g. using styling products, the chemicals commonly added in the form of shampoo and conditioners, our lifestyle etc. Your hair needs to be strong enough to fight these external conditions. Eyova provides the required nutrition to make them healthy from within. Eyova is a therapeutic oil; giving best results when you start early. It acts like a topical supplement which helps fight as well as prevent hair problems. 

What the product claims 
Hair GreyingHair LossDandruff & Dry ScalpHair Damage


OLEOVA, Canola Oil, Fragrance

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

How to use
Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

In the mirror of my own experience

 The product comes in yellow cardboard box packaging. The box has all necessary information printed on it. Inside the box, the product is housed in a small plastic bottle that has a flip cap and a small hole to control the amount of the oil while using. 

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

The oil is dark yellow in color and has tiny little particles settled at the bottom of the bottle. I need to shake it well before use. The smell of this oil made me pleasantly surprised because it is quite pleasant and doesn’t smell like egg. The oil is quite dense and thick in consistency as compared to any other hair oil. The reason might be the presence of Egg Oil. I am having major hair fall this monsoon. The reason behind using this oil was to give nutrition to my hair for preventing the hair fall as we all know the benefits of protein-packed eggs.
Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review
I applied Eyova on my scalp overnight once a week for a month. Then washed it off the next day with a mild shampoo. The oil spreads easily and never feels sticky at all. But it doesn’t go off easily. I need to use my shampoo twice or thrice to get off the oil completely from the hair. One thing that I noticed during shampoo is that when I washed my hair with water, I smell a strong fragrance of egg from my hair and bathroom. The smell stays almost for one or two days in the hair. The quantity of the oil is just 50 ml which is quite less. A bottle lasts for 6-7 times for middle length hair like mine. 
Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review
Now about the effect, then I must say that I’m quite disappointed with the result. It makes my hair soft and shiny but my main concern was hair fall. I didn’t see any effect on that issue. I’m still worried to see the same amount of hair fall. I have finished the bottle and saw no noticeable difference in this problem. I can’t say anything about the treatment of premature greying. I’m 35 plus so will not expect any treatment with an oil.

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

 Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

Good points

The smell is not unpleasant during application
Spreads easily
Light on hair
Makes hair silky and shiny
Reduces dullness of hair 
Controls frizziness
Contains egg nutrition
Free from chemicals

Bad points
Quite pricey

Not effective with hair fall
The egg smell stays for one day in hair and the bathroom


Overall I’m not satisfied with the result that I got after using this oil. It didn’t do anything with the hair fall but it made my hair soft and silky.If you are looking for a no-mess egg nutrition oil. You can give it a try. As we all know that every person has a different type of hair. I admit that this oil is nothing in reducing hair fall problem but it is not necessary that everyone has the same problem. No doubt that It made my hair shiny and reduces dullness and frizziness to a great extent .So you can try it out.


INR 590 for 50 ml


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product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own