Makeup tips for whole day special occasions

Makeup Tips for Whole Day Special Occasions

Nothing makes celebrating a special occasion even more special than looking the part for it. Makeup is one of the most effective tools that we can turn to, for those one-of-a-kind days. But if such a day requires exactly a whole day, how do you make sure that you put your best face forward from sunup to sundown?

Prep Well

Like any work of art, a blank and clean canvas is integral to pulling off the right results. Start by washing your face free of dirt and other impurities, and moisturize with a product that contains SPF. Afterwards, prime your face with a primer. This will help reduce the appearance of pores while blurring imperfections, which are both important towards ensuring a flawless look that you can take from day to night. In addition, primers help prevent your makeup from getting absorbed by your skin, which does not only help make your makeup stay longer, but also protect your skin from potential irritation and clogging.

Choose the Right Products

Makeup for special occasions, bridal makeup tipsYour choice of products is also important to the staying power of your makeup. Beauty experts recommend opting for oil-free products, as matte finishes tend to last longer without fading as much.

The formulation of a product is also key to assessing its effectiveness in whole day special occasions. If a product is available in a slide-on tube, too, go for it instead of using a cream-based counterpart. Lip and cheek tints, for instance, can last longer than powder blush and glossy lippies. In the same way, liquid and gel liners will fare better compared to pencil liners. And if you have to apply powder, remember that pigmented products are better at working their power longer. Pigmented eyeshadows, for instance, will not need a touchup as often as regular ones.

In addition, make sure that your makeup products are suited to your skin type. If you have dry skin, for instance, and you opted for a foundation cream with a glossy finish, chances are it will slide off your skin in a few hours. Keeping your skin texture and condition in mind when choosing which accessories to put on will help in getting long-lasting coverage.

Also, choose waterproof products. Waterproof mascara, for instance, will outperform other types of mascara even when it is subjected to harsh weather conditions, sweat, and even tears.

There are also long-lasting products that you can buy, and they say so right on the packaging. If you’re attending an event for which you want to look as good as possible, specifically choose makeup essentials that are designed for long-wear use.

Set It

Finally, lock it in with powder. Translucent powder, in particular, is ideal for setting in your makeup to last the whole day. Setting sprays are also available for the same purpose. All you need are only three to four spritzes, and your makeup will be good to go for at least 12 hours.

Other Pointers to Consider

In addition to the above tips, make sure that you:

Keep your hands off your face. Nothing can smudge your makeup faster than oil from your hands. Do not touch your face if you can help it; if you have to, limit the contact as much as you can.

Shun the sun. It is also important to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Heat and humidity, in particular, can do a number on your makeup. If you absolutely have to head out for a few minutes, protect yourself from the sun with an umbrella and make sure there is enough ventilation to keep your makeup in check.

You take a few minutes away from the scene for touch-ups. Finally, do not hesitate to slink off to the ladies’ room every now and then to do a retouch on areas that you think need a little help.

Matching Your Makeup to the Occasion

Now that you know what to do to get your makeup celebrating a whole occasion with you, the next thing to remember is to match the makeup to the occasion. Long-lasting makeup, after all, will not be able to do its thing if it is not suited to the event. Where that is concerned, consider these tips.

Keep the dress code or your outfit in mind. If there is a dress code, work from it; if there is none, base your makeup on what you will be wearing. If you’re wearing an elegant statement piece, for example, keep your makeup muted and sophisticated and veer away from bright palettes. If you must wear red lipstick, make sure that the rest of your makeup is simple and clean enough so that your lips become the focal point of your whole look.

beach wedding ideasChoose colors that are suitable to the theme of the occasion. Also consider the theme of the occasion. Are you celebrating it on a beach? Feel free to sport whatever colors suit your fancy, but make sure the products are well equipped for exposure to the sun. Are you holding the party at a hotel ballroom? Choose your colors accordingly.

Final Thoughts

If your makeup smudged while you are at an event and you will need quite a lot of time to fix it, do not worry. Make sure that you have emergency essentials with you, and take it from there. Petroleum jelly is particularly great at removing makeup quickly and cleanly, so that you can start reapplying some of the products again.

In addition, relax and have fun. Looking good should be accompanied by feeling good, and if you are hassled throughout the whole event because you keep worrying over whether your makeup still looks great, that will defeat the whole point of going out to have some fun. Remember: there is no concealer in the world that is powerful enough to smoothen a furrowed forehead; and not even the brightest stain-proof lipstick can move your lips into a smile if you are not feeling great about yourself.


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