Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit Review

Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit Review - facial kit - beauty blogger - Indian beauty blog skincare

Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit Review, Price & Details

Nowadays, I  hardly get some time to visit a salon especially for facial. It demands lots of time so often, I plan but cancel for another day. That another day often never comes and my skin keeps asking me to treat it. So whenever I find my skin dull and lifeless, I treat it at home by doing my facial myself. I always keep some facial kits with me according to my skin’s requirements. You must have read my review of VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit earlier here. Today I will write about my view about Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit. So let’s start…

Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit Contains

This facial kit contails just two products in the pack:

1- Shahnaz Husain Pearl Cream

2- Shahnaz Husain Pearl Mask

What company says…

  • The use of pearls as a natural whitener, rich in nutrients
  • Pearls reduce the transfer of melanin to the skin, preventing tanning, while fading away dark spots
  • This pack contains Shahnaz Husain Pearl Cream and Shahnaz Husain Pearl Mask
  • In Shahnaz Husain Pearl Cream, pearls filter the ultra violet rays ensuring a natural even lightening of the skin
  • The pearl is potent with powerful age control nutrients


Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit Review - facial kit - beauty blogger - Indian beauty blog skincare

Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit Ingredients

Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit comes in a grey and pearly white packaging case. The case has all necessary information about the product.The packaging looks luxurious and attractive. When you slide the case, you find the two products in it. Both come in round transparent jars with white coloured lids. You can see the popular Shahnaz Husain signature printed on the lids.


Shahnaz Husain Pearl Cream

Shahnaz Husain Pearl Cream is white in colour with nice texture. It’s neither thick nor runny. It’s perfect for massaging. It has a very mild fragrance which is not noticeable. The cream enriched with minerals, amino acids and proteins. It contains pearl powder which helps to reduce the transfer of melanin to the skin and preventing tanning and fades away the spots and dark patches. You need to take a small amount to massage the skin. It makes the skin soft, smooth and radiant. It moisturises the skin very well but doesn’t make it oily or greasy. It feels light on the skin.

Shahnaz Husain Pearl Mask

Like the cream, Shahnaz Husain Pearl Mask is whitish and has a bit creamy texture. The mask smells like sandalwood, but very mild, pleasant and soothing fragrance. The mask also enriched with minerals and amino acids. The pearl powder helps to make the skin fairer and brighter. It’s very easy to use and can be applied evenly to neck and face. I add a few drops of rose water to the mask before applying on the skin. By this way, It spreads on the skin easily and applies more evenly.

In the mirror of my own experience

First of all, I was very disappointed to see only two products in a facial kit. You can’t even call it a facial kit. You need a separate cleanser, a scrub and rose water and a moisturiser. The quantity of the products is very less and they get finished in one or two times. Anyways the cream is very nice for massaging. It completely hydrates the skin and gives a smooth and silky effect after the message. The pearl pack makes the skin firm and radiant. It helps to stamp out my visible pores. I can see a clear effect after the facial. The effect lasts for about 3-4 days. My skin looks fresh, supple and glowing. I didn’t notice any effect on my tiny brown spots. In my opinion, one should use it continuously to see the result. I have used this facial only 4-5 times.

Good points

Luxury packaging

The containers make easy to store the products.

Both products have great natural ingredients

Minimises the visible skin pores

Gives a firm, toned and radiant appearance

Works great if use regularly

Contains natural components i.e. Amino Acids and Minerals

Herbal and non-allergic ingredients make your skin safe

Makes the skin clear and glowing

Bad points

You can’t say it a complete facial kit as it has only two products

The quantity of the products are too less



Overall, I’m not very satisfied with the kit. The kit is absolutely incomplete. However, if you talk about the products individually, they are good in quality. You get a clear effect after the facial. It works great especially in summers and gives a cool and refreshing effect after using. Don’t expect much or like a miracle but I think long-term usage can give a more visible result to your skin. You can try it if you don’t mind the cons I have mentioned.


INR 490


Available here



Have you used Shahnaz Husain White Pearl Facial Kit? What is your opinion about this kit?


  1. March 29, 2018 / 04:11

    I have not used this facial kit but I like Shahnaz Husain’s products 🙂 Nice review!
    Great! Thanks for sharing <3
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  2. jodie filogomo
    March 29, 2018 / 10:58

    It’s a great idea to do your own facials at home. Our skin is so important to us especially as we get older. But I can see your point, Rakhshanda….2 products don’t constitute a “facial kit”. Very interesting!

  3. wendee
    March 29, 2018 / 15:07

    the kit sounds great. they should add more products though
    The Glossychic

  4. March 29, 2018 / 19:29

    Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  5. March 30, 2018 / 07:08

    Looks really great x

  6. April 2, 2018 / 08:44

    Lovely cosmetics dear 🙂