Skin Tightening Options Based on Complexion Constraints

Sagging skin is a common problem for people of all skin types and colors. However, if you happen to have a darker complexion you may have a special degree of difficulty finding a skincare treatment that works well for you. There are a couple of potential reasons for that, but to understand those reasons you must first understand your own skin and its specific characteristics.

What Controls General Skin Pigmentation and Pigment Distribution
The thing that controls skin pigmentation is melanin distribution. Melanin is a substance produced by melanocytes within the body. If your skin is darker it means you have more melanocytes and a different melanin distribution from someone with lighter colored skin. The melanocytes also control how skin pigment is distributed. That means that, if they are disturbed in some way, some parts of the skin can become lighter or darker than others, often permanently.

Today’s Skincare Procedures as They Relate to Dark Skin
Today you have many skincare procedures to choose from, but some of them can disturb the melanocytes in your skin. For example, you have to be careful when picking a form of aesthetic laser treatment because some laser devices can cause hyperpigmentation, also known as patches of different colored skin. Nevertheless, there are laser devices which can treat darker skin when used properly. So, if your heart is set on having a laser procedure it may be possible, as long as you choose the right clinic and the right type of device.

Skin Oils May Also Influence Your Choice
Skin oils can act as a wild card when it comes to which skincare treatments you can try. People with darker skin tend to have larger pores, leading to more skin oils, as well as higher risks of acne outbreaks. Not only can some skincare treatments not be used on patients with active acne outbreaks, but treatments with things like lasers or chemical peels can cause burns if too many skin oils are present. So, if you have any of those issues, your choices in skincare treatment methods may be quickly narrowed down for you.

Sound-Baser Treatment is Almost Always Good for Dark Skin
One alternative to lasers and other difficult skincare methods for dark skin is sound-based treatment. Both ultrasound and radio frequency treatments can encourage your body to make more collagen, which will boost the strength of your skin cells and eventually tighten your skin. Since bombarding your skin layers with sound waves doesn’t produce a lot of heat or involve the use of chemicals the same burn risks do not exist. Therefore, the treatment is safe, even if your skin is dark.

Radio frequency treatment is typically not as strong as ultrasound. So, you must pick a treatment based on your needs and the severity of your skin sagging. However, you must keep in mind that neither treatment is as strong as laser therapy, and thus they may not produce the same level of results.

When Skin Will Actually Become Tighter
When you have any type of skin tightening treatment the main goal will typically be to encourage natural internal healing. That process takes time. So, although you may see minor improvements almost immediately, it is common to have gradual improvements in skin health for several weeks after many types of treatment. However, the time it takes to see results and how pronounced those results will be will be greatly influenced by the intensity of the skincare treatment procedure you choose to undergo. Therefore, you must take the time to weigh your skincare options against your preferred time frame and the predicted results outlined by your skincare professional during your consultation.

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