How Does Laser Therapy Work on Sensitive Teeth?

Since 1994, dentists have been using lasers to treat a variety of dental problems. These include tooth decay, lesion removal or biopsy, gum disease and teeth whitening. One of the main advantages of laser dental treatment is that it is less painful and more comfortable. This is very beneficial to those who have very sensitive teeth.

Basic Laser Treatment Used In Teeth Whitening

One of the most beneficial uses of laser is that of teeth whitening. With lasers, whitening already off-white teeth will be faster with no pain being felt by the client. Most of the treatment is done in-office. The process includes the application to the surfaces of the teeth of a bleaching solution which is then “activated” by laser energy or light. This method speeds up the process of teeth whitening.

Laser Treatment Is Most Applicable To Sensitive Teeth

Laser treatment is a blessing to those who have very sensitive teeth. Compared to the traditional dental treatments, lasers do not cause much bleeding therefore there will be lesser swelling on the parts that were treated. With lesser and smaller cuts made in the flesh, the wounds will also heal much faster. Some industry observers have even made a prediction that laser treatments will someday replace conventional dental treatments completely.

Sensitive teeth will prevent those who have this condition from eating and enjoying foods like cold drinks, certain cold treats, ice cream and many more. Some people who have sensitive teeth use sensitivity toothpaste, while others are solving their problem by applying sealants and bonding substances to their teeth which can reduce the degree of sensitivity to more comfortable levels.

One of the best methods of treating sensitive teeth is through laser technology or dental laser. This procedure is not that expensive as some may think. And it is a lot faster. In just a matter of minutes, the sensitive spot on the teeth will be treated and its sensitivity will be significantly reduced or it may be eliminated altogether.

The dentist using laser technology will just make a few waves of the laser light on the affected spot on the teeth, and pretty soon, it’s sensitivity will be greatly diminished or be totally eliminated. The dentist doesn’t have to use any anesthesia since the laser dental treatment is painless. And the results are immediately felt.

There are already a number of clinical studies which proved that laser therapy can effectively treat sensitive teeth. And most patients were never bothered with the expenses of the procedure since it is fully covered by their insurance. In addition, if laser treatment is done before a teeth whitening procedure, it is found that it can reduce teeth sensitivity in the teeth sections that are known to be sensitive.

Laser Treatment In Teeth Whitening Does Not Hurt

When laser is used in teeth whitening, most patients will not experience sensitivity or pain. Slight tingling sensation might be felt by a few, but no other sensations will be experienced during the treatment. However, the dentists will usually advise a client not to drink too hot or too cold drinks if tooth sensitivity is a problem.

If the teeth of the client feel some degree of sensitivity, the dentist will usually recommend the use of fluoride gel used for home dental care to reduce the sensation. But if the sensitivity of the teeth lasts for several hours, the client is advised to contact the dentist to be given the right treatment.

For people whose teeth are sensitive, regular visits to their dentists is advised. Since teeth whitening require the use of a bleaching gel, it is advised that the client should be very careful in applying it to his teeth. He must see to it that it is only applied to his teeth and not to his gums. If accidentally applied to the gums, the gel may cause gum inflammation and white spots could also develop. But these conditions will dissipate in a few hours.

Laser Teeth Whitening Is Safe

The typical bleaching substance or gel used by dentists in laser teeth whitening is approved by the FDA. As such, these bleaching agents can be safely used in teeth whitening for cosmetic purposes. They have been used in the dental industry for many years now. The process only makes teeth appear whiter than before, and does not cause any structural change or damage on the teeth of clients.

How Long Does Laser Teeth Whitening Process Last?

The process of laser teeth whitening usually lasts for about an hour or so. This will depend on the degree of off-whiteness of the particular teeth being treated. The process using dental lasers is really very simple. First, the dentist will clean the teeth and remove all plaque. A special bleaching gel is applied which is followed by the use of laser light to whiten the teeth.

Teeth whitening and other dental cosmetic procedures are the specialties of Dr. Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. A member of the NYU College of Dentistry clinical faculty, Dr. Lazare has been teaching dentistry at North Shore University Hospital since 1998 where he established its Teeth Whitening Division using the latest technologies. He is a renowned dental columnist, lecturer, inventor, consultant and featured author in peer reviewed dental journals. Dr. Lazare is also known as “Dentist to the Stars.”

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