Choosing Bangles for a Small Wrist


Image Source: Pixabay


The Bangle


Not everybody is built the same, so that for some people, wearing bracelets and bangles can be a bit of a problem, if they have smaller hands and wrists. The idea of wearing a bangle is that it is a fashion accessory designed to make you look good, but it is going to get very annoying very quickly, if it falls off three times an hour, or needs to be pushed halfway up your forearm to find somewhere from where it won’t just slide straight back down again. Having small wrists though doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing bangles, as there are some clever and simple options, which can overcome the problem.


The Cuff Bracelet



Image Source: Pixabay


The major problem with having a small wrist and small hands, is that there is nothing at the end of your arm wide enough to stop your bangles from falling off, though this is a problem that can be easily rectified. A cuff bracelet worn at the bottom of the wrist will enable you to wear as many bangles as you like. The bangles will not be able to slide over your wrist as they can’t get past the cuff bracelet. This is a bracelet which doesn’t fully close on the wrist, but rests there with a gap on the inside of the wrist. They are generally adjustable, so once in place, a small squeeze will close it so it doesn’t fall off, allowing you to keep any bangles you are wearing higher up your wrist in place. Choosing one that is of the same colour can help disguise what you have done.


Adjustable Bangles


Adjustable bangles have a wire that overlaps itself, so that when you give it a squeeze, it will lock into a tighter fit around the wrist. The overlap sits on the inside of your wrist, so it is highly unlikely that anyone else will notice that it is there. You can use an array of standard bangles above it, or buy a selection of adjustable ones, and you will only need to actually close the one nearest to the wrist, and by rotating them, you can show something different each day, only ever having to close the lowest one.


The Small Bangle


Bangles come in all different shapes and sizes, materials and colours. There are beautiful gold ones and some lovely silver bangles you can get from Corazon Latino which you can order to size, or by shopping around you can find some small options available.


Bangles are a nice fashion accessory and having a small wrist is really no reason for you to not be able to wear them. In addition to the suggestions above, there are some companies that specialise in smaller bangles. With just a quick Internet search, you can find available options in your area. It is quite a simple issue to solve and it really isn’t necessary to have to go to any of the extreme lengths I have heard of, such as wrapping sticky tape around the bangle to keep it where it belongs.