Top 5 Lovely Accessories to Reboot Your Look

With autumn officially at our doorstep, it’s the perfect time to switch things up a bit when it comes to our warm weather wardrobes. If you’ve been keeping up with the runway trends for the Summer/Autumn 2018 collections, you probably know that a relaxed, selfie style look is what we should be going for. Ruffles, frills, floral patterns, warm colours, and soft, flowing fabrics are just some of the main elements that fashion designers used to create their runway outfits. With simple and sweet being the keywords for this winter, we could all use some versatile accessories to give us that extra edge.

Preparing your autumn and winter wardrobe and choosing your go-to items for this season is only the first step in making sure you’re always prepared for any occasion. Finding some lovely accessories that can transform your outfit and complete your look is just as important. You don’t necessarily need twenty necklaces and fifty handbags to pull off a great style. In fact, many fashion gurus believe that it’s better to get a few statement accessories that can be paired with a wide range of items rather than to buy cheap trinkets in bulk.

It makes sense to want options when you accessorise, but every woman needs a few go-to pieces that are timeless and that can be incorporated into any look. The price tag doesn’t necessarily matter here, what’s important is finding versatile accessories that you can always fall back on when you need a quick outfit reboot. Here are some of the best items that you can use to define your style and pull off that chic, romantic look that this autumn is all about.

Modern Pearls

Pearls have always been a popular choice for jewellery designers across the world, but this year’s Autumn/Winter runway shows were filled with pearl appliques on anything from shoes and bags to earrings, necklaces, and tiaras. Fashion designers decided to bring new life to the timeless pearls and incorporate them into some stunning modern jewellery pieces.

Pearls offer an added touch of elegance and sophistication without being overpowering. Because of this, pearl jewellery can be very versatile. You can easily show your love for this autumn trend by incorporating pearls into your outfit, regardless of the occasion that you are dressing for. The iconic simple pearl strand is often associated with elegant wear, but modern pearl jewellery pieces can easily be used to dress up a casual look, add a romantic touch to an office suit, or compliment a chic, simple dress.

If you’re looking for creative ways to spruce up an outfit, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from the autumn 2018 runway shows. Whether you look at Gucci’s vintage pearl and bead earrings, at Salvatore Ferragamo’s oversized pearl earring and necklace sets, or at Alexander McQueen’s statement shoulder duster pearl and silver earrings, you’re bound to find some stunning ideas and designs to fit our style.

Look for modern pieces that will pair well with a wide range of outfits and manage to stand on their own. Combining timeless elegance with contemporary patterns and designs will ensure that you find a piece of jewellery that can be integrated into any style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pearl jewellery with different style pieces, as it is typically very permissive.

You can also use vintage pearls and incorporate them into a modern look by thinking outside the box. A simple strand of pearls can be tied around a bag or decorated with a pendant to add a chic touch to an otherwise simple outfit. A set of statement pearl earrings can become the finishing touch to an evening gown while a modern, minimalistic pearl pendant can perfectly compliment a casual, romantic autumn outfit. As long as you keep an open mind, there are countless ways to kick an outfit up a few notches with pearls.

A Go-To Handbag

One handbag will never be enough but there comes a time when you have to start picking your battles in order to avoid stuffing your dresser with hundreds of “maybe” items that you’ll only wear once or twice. One of the must-have accessories on this list had to be a go-to handbag, not just because of convenience but also because of style. Although it’s fun to play around with patterns and colours, most of us can’t afford to set off on an epic shopping spree for a new designer bag every other month.

Even if you’d have endless possibilities at your feet, you still couldn’t carry around more than one bag at a time, so the one that you do end up taking with you is the only one that truly matters. Instead of getting dozens of bags and constantly moving your belongings from one to the other, find a good quality bag that you can rely on for any occasion and make it your go-to accessory. Not only will it save you a lot of time and effort, it will also end up saving you money in the long run.

Think of this go-to handbag as a long-term investment, where instead of having to buy twenty lower quality bags along the way, you buy one high-end bag that you can wear with almost any outfit for years to come. Ideally, choose a design that is truly timeless and that you will be able to wear time and time again. Look for bags that are work-friendly but that will also look amazing with an outfit that you’d put together for a night out.

Consider neutral colours that you can pair with virtually anything in your wardrobe. Autumn 2018 fashion collections such as Gucci’s featured many versatile designs that combined colourful appliques and patterns with neutral background tones.

Statement Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory all year long, and they are a great and inexpensive way to make a statement about your style. Unlike handbags, sunglasses don’t usually cost a fortune, so having multiple pairs to accessorise with your outfits can be great if you’re even looking for a quick look reboot. Consider statement sunglasses that will enhance your outfit and compliment your unique style.

This is one accessory that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with. As long as they work in your favour and accentuate your best features, they’ve passed the test in terms of compatibility. Make sure that the pairs you do get are statement pieces you can turn to when you want to spruce up a look. Colourful frames and lenses, floral appliques and glitter, eye-catching geometrical shapes, and vintage-inspired designs are all popular choices for this year’s Autumn/Winter collections.

Oversized sunglasses are big this year and large, statement frames have ruled the runway for the autumn and winter collections of 2018. You can’t go wrong with oversized sunglasses this year since the trend is expected to carry on into fall collections as well. Vintage frames and lenses have also been a big inspiration to fashion designers for this autumn and winter season, so don’t hesitate to sport a pair of classic cat eye sunglasses or a design that combines the round lens and the cat eye frame.

Aviator sunglasses also continue to go strong, from the futuristic Chanel pieces to the oversized, dark lens Stella McCartney designs. The classic thin metallic frame aviators with ombre lenses can also be spotted in collections such as the one presented by Emporio Armani. Colourful plastic rims and yellow vintage-inspired lenses are also popular choices for this autumn. Gucci’s 1960-inspired yellow lenses and Marni’s geometric, oversized designs manage to add a touch of colour and fun to runway outfits while Saint Laurent’s white, oval frames and dark lenses are simple and stunning.

Being representative of this year’s autumn and winter fashion collections and trends, popular eyewear designs are eclectic, bright, and bold, adding a touch of fun to some of the soft, romantic outfits seen on the runway. In other words, there are plenty of unique and stunning designs to choose from and to experiment with this year. For a versatile pair that you can wear with any outfit, choose a white frame-dark lens combination or a dark frame-coloured lens design.

Neutral High-Heeled Shoes

Autumn and winter trends play with bright colours, floral patterns, and sheer, soft warm fabrics this year. However, judging by the wide range of styles seen on the runways, it might be hard to mix, match, and accessorise such a cornucopia of different designs. One of the best ways to make sure that you’re not overdoing it when it comes to incorporating different trends into your outfit is to keep your accessories neutral, both in terms of colour and of style.

If you’re in need of a new pair of shoes or sandals for your autumn and winter season, consider getting a neutral coloured design that you can wear with anything. Not only is it easier to put together an outfit this way, you won’t have to worry about adding colourful accessories or a statement clutch to your ensemble. Neutral shoes will compliment any colour palette, style, and attire, so they are a fail-proof accessory.

In terms of current trends, strappy shoes seem to be all the rage in 2018 fashion collections. Designs that wrap around the ankle and the leg are very popular with fashion designers for this year’s footwear trends, so don’t hesitate to choose something in this style. Platforms and flatforms are also going strong this year, so don’t necessarily go for a stiletto if you’re not a huge fan of that style.

Decorated heels and platforms, as well as embroidered straps, seem to be recurring elements across runway shows. You can incorporate these fresh trends into your style by choosing a neutral shoe that has same colour appliques or patterns. If you’re interested in finding a truly universal design that will work well with any outfit in your dresser, just choose neutral or nude coloured shoes. They are typically demure but stylish and help you balance an outfit better than black or metallic shoes, as they allow you to mix and match more colours and patterns.

Metallic Bangle Bracelets

Metallic bangle bracelets have been a popular feature on several runway shows for this year’s collections. From Tods’ industrial revolution-inspired wide, silver bangles and Balenciaga’s mixed metal watch-strap bracelets to JW Anderson’s bold, sleek golden designs, it’s clear that statement metallic bangles are going to be very popular this year.

When it comes to jewellery trends, it’s important to try to incorporate the ones that will withstand the test of time. Although other popular jewellery pieces such as collar and choker necklaces cannot be ignored for this year’s fashion trends, metallic bangle bracelets are easier to accessorise and have less chance of falling out of favour with the fashion gurus over time. They’re also stunning pieces that can effortlessly reboot your look and keep you in tune with current trends.

If we are to judge by past fashion favourites, metallic bangle bracelets are likely to survive the ever-changing trends. They have remained popular accessories throughout the years regardless of the different styles that came and went because of their versatility. Metallic bangles are easy to accessorise, work well with different style jewellery, and compliment most outfits. They are also timeless because of their simplicity.

A simple metallic bangle bracelet can draw attention to your accessories and add a bit of shimmer to a simple outfit. You can also mix and match different size and colour metallic bangles for a more daring look or perfectly compliment an office suit with a simple, timeless gold bangle bracelet. If you want a statement piece, you can choose a wider, more eye-catching model to dress up an outfit.

A narrower piece can be simple, elegant, and pair well with almost any other piece of jewellery that you have. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or bronze, choosing a medium width design will ensure that you will have no problems matching it with most of the items in your dresser. Most importantly, the accessories that you choose should reflect not only the current fashion trends but also your own style and taste. As long as you find pieces that you love to wear, you should be able to find countless ways to mix and match them if you feel like rebooting your look.

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