Five Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend This Christmas

If you still have shopping to do for your best friend this Christmas and do not know what to get them, here are some excellent ideas to help you when you do not know what to get them. These five ideas are all affordable and will not break the bank to purchase, but will tell your best friend just how much you love them!

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Silver Jewellery

Jewellery always makes for an excellent gift, no matter what the occasion, and there is a wide variety of different jewellery from which you can choose. You can pick up a charm bracelet, necklace, earrings, or ring, and all of which can be engraved so you can write a personal message to them. Check out the Pandora sale at John Greed for lots of beautiful designer jewellery that is currently on sale, and that your best friend is going to love.

A Netflix Account

Does your best friend always fall behind with the TV shows that you are watching because they do not have a Netflix account? What better way to solve this difficulty than to get them a year’s subscription to Netflix and let them binge watch the same shows as you, which will give you something else to talk with them. With so many TV shows and movies available, it is the gift that keeps on giving all year round and is continually updated with new content.

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A Spotify Account

If your best friend loves their music and they do not already have a Spotify account, this is an excellent gift. You can give them a year’s subscription to this music streaming service that will provide them with access to all of their favourite music, as well as much more besides. Music is perfect for those long commutes, exercising in the gym, or just chilling out at home. A gift of Spotify will surely tell your best friend that you love them!

Treat Them To A Day Out

Another excellent gift idea is to give them a day out, either pampering themselves or enjoying an experience such as driving on a racing track or hot air ballooning. There are a lot of choices available to choose from, and if your best friend is not as adventurous as to jump out of an aeroplane, you can also treat them to a day in the spa. There are lots of companies that provide a variety of different excursions, and you can buy a gift voucher from them and let your friend choose which adventure they would like to go on.

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Cook Them A Meal And Relax Together


You can also get your best friend a card and make a homemade coupon offering the bearer a home cooked meal and drink while relaxing around yours. What better way to celebrate your friendship together than to set aside some time for each other, enjoy good food, good conversation, and good wine, while you watch a movie.

Whatever you decide to get for your best friend this Christmas, make sure that you get to spend some time with them and enjoy the celebration together.


  1. December 17, 2018 / 07:37

    These are perfect gift ideas!! I love the netflix and spotify ones, I use them both and that’s definitely handy!! Happy Monday lovely x