Karbala – An Undefining Truth

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Karbala – An Undefining Truth

The day of Ashura, regarded as 10th Muharram: the day on which Imam Hussain(AS) was brutally killed by the Yazidi forces on the lands of Karbala. After the battle, all the wives, sisters, and daughters related to Hussain (AS) were captured and were taken as prisoners of war.

However, the battle of Karbala cannot be regarded as just a battle. It conveys a deep message which has the power to influence the whole world. Imam Hussain (AS) ‘s sacrifice that day was for Tawhid that is oneness of God. His step against the tyranny was a great one and it was also done as a part to fulfill his grandfather’s mission. Hussain (AS), who can be claimed as a true man of his word, said before the war that the great forces had given him only two options that were Humiliation and Death, and they won’t choose the former.

The message of Karbala is really vast and cannot just be quoted in words. It contains many morals and messages within itself, encompassing both the tyrannies and the martyrs. One of these was the part of Ibn-e-Hurr, a major commander of the Yazidi forces who had the intention to raze Hussain’s camp to ashes. But so it happened that the final hours of the battle saw Hurr’s transformation: he left the Yazidi forces and joined hands with Imam Hussain (AS) and said that though his actions were beyond repair he was still extremely regretful for all the despair he had caused. Hurr’s incident is proof that it’s never too late to regret.

Another thing we see from this incident was that where thousands of people were agreeing with the tyrannical ruler, Hussain (AS) had a free mind. On the day of Ashura, Imam Hussain addressed Yazid’s troops “O followers of Abu Sufyan! If you are not following the teachings of Islam, then as freemen, be independent of judgment. On what basis do you fight me now?”

Karbala- A Battle For umanity - lifestyle - lifestyle blogger - Islam - Shia - Muharram
Karbala – An Undefining Truth

It’s really important to analyze and re-analyze the things that are going around us. We can say that Hussain (AS) always defended the truth even when he knew what all he was putting up at stake. Still, saving Islam was his first priority and he didn’t once give a thought to hesitation.

One of the most important roles in this whole incident was of Bibi Zainab (AS), who can be called a true role model to many people and she sets a true example of woman empowerment. After the war, when the family members of Imam Hussain (AS) were taken to Yazid’s kingdom, it was this bold and braveheart lady who delivered a speech in his court which sank the whole reign in shame and challenged Yazid.

Thus Karbala was not just limited to war. It was much more than a battle and taught many things to people as well as acted as a baseline and guard to save Islam.

During the battle of Karbala, Hazrat Ibn -e-Abbas (AS) was sent by Imam Hussain (AS) to fetch some water from the stream for the children. Ibn-e-Abbas (AS) reached the stream somehow and filled his bag with water. For an instant, he all but took some water in his cupped hands to drink but when he thought about Imam Hussain (AS) and his thirst-quenched children he threw the water back in the stream. At that moment, even his horse refused to drink. His patience gives us a sense that in a situation like this we should cooperate with our kin and should remember their suffering before comforting ourselves.

When we relate this incident to the modern world we can find similar happenings all around the globe. Not only in other countries but in our own country, we can see mishaps happening all around. When we talk about Imam Hussain (AS) ’s commitment to justice, equality, and liberation, we have to fight back all forms of oppression, tyranny, and injustice in our own ways,  be it racism, classism or regionalism. Because there can never be a just society unless such ills are rooted out forever. 

Simply talking about Hussain (AS) and mourning for him is not Hussainiyat. To really follow Hussain (AS) is to follow his path of trueness, to be just and brave as well as one can, and to oppose evil and injustice in all forms.

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