Have an urgent need for health and safety essentials? Inkmonk is here to help

The current health crisis all over the world has made every organization analyze the health of employees and customers because they are the ones who in turn determine the health of the organization itself. There is a need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) right now more than ever, to ensure the safety of employees and customers of an organization, no matter what line of work you belong to.

Inkmonk, one of the leading brands in the online printing industry, has aggressively stepped up to the occasion. They have recognized the need for health and safety equipment at places where there are high chances of infections being spread. The company, which have been popular in selling customized printed products across the nation, now have started to deliver health and safety essentials like N95 masks, face shields and more. These important essentials are of a high priority right now and Inkmonk will deliver them on an urgent basis.

But, one may become sceptical of the effectiveness of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which a printing company provides since they are not from a health/safety industry. This is why Inkmonk makes sure that all products are delivered to the buyer only after he/she inspects the products thoroughly. The products have been approved by many top healthcare facilities as well, who have purchased PPE from Inkmonk in bulk quantities.

Which PPE products does Inkmonk provide?

The list of health & safety products among the PPE include triple-layer and N95 masks, hand sanitizers, surgical gloves, thermometers, visor face shields, and kits which can include all or some of these products. 

Triple-layer medical masks

These surgical masks are disposable and fluid resistant. They provide protection to the wearer from droplets of infectious material emitted during coughing/sneezing/talking. They’re made of non-woven material and has a filter efficiency of 99% for 3-micron particle size.

N-95 respiratory masks

An N-95 mask is a respiratory protective device with high filtration efficiency to airborne particles. The mask is of a shape which fits perfectly on the face, and the shape doesn’t collapse easily. It provides good breathability with an expiratory valve. These masks are highly recommended for frontline healthcare workers and anyone who works anywhere near infected places.

Visor face shields

Contamination of mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth is likely in a scenario of droplets generated by cough, sneeze of an infected person or during aerosol-generating procedures carried out in a clinical setting. Inadvertently touching the eyes/nose/mouth with a contaminated hand is another likely scenario for infection. Hence protection of eyes/nose/mouth by using face shields is an integral part of standard and contact precautions.

Infrared thermometer

A no-contact thermometer which makes use of a ‘non-radiation measuring probe’ allows it to measure the temperature through the infrared rays emitted by the human body without any effect, even on a baby.

Hand sanitizer

These have become a necessity these days, haven’t they?! Protect yourselves from germs by using hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol content, which is recommended by WHO to eliminate 99.9% of germs. Application of these sanitizers leaves no residue after drying.


Nitrile gloves are available which have a high resistance to chemicals, and even certain disinfectants like chlorine. No latex has been used to avoid allergic reactions. These gloves deliver market-leading protection in challenging environments.

Even after the crisis has been dealt with, it is highly recommended to conduct proper health & safety checks frequently within organizations: shops, offices, factories, etc. to ensure a hygienic environment for everyone who works or visits.

Let’s all hope that the pandemic scare and the coronavirus itself goes away soon. And I hope that the events during the same period will encourage every human being to be more hygienic to themselves and to their everyday environment.

As mentioned above, Inkmonk has effectively started to deliver these essential safety pieces of equipment. If you have a requirement for any of these, you can place your order online through our website – Inkmonk

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