The Three Bag Styles you need for Autumn Winter

Handbags are an essential part of our outfits. We all carry some kind of a bag whenever we go out because we need to store certain things. So, why not make it the most stylish accessory? I have always believed in investing in some good classic handbags that will last you ages and are versatile enough to carry with numerous outfits.

I recently came across a website that has an excellent collection of premium handbags called Baggining. Clever name, isn’t it? As I was browsing through this store, I was so impressed to see that they stock almost every style of handbag. Such a huge collection comprises of classic timeless styles as well as the latest trending ones. So, I thought I should share this with you and talk about the three bag styles that you need this Autumn Winter.

Pouch bags

Since last year, this style of bag has been all over the runway and markets. It took me a while to accept it but now I think it looks really cool and stylish. Especially if it’s with a chunky gold chain strap, I’m all in for it! It can be used as a clutch or shoulder bag and these bags are available in so many different colors which is why it takes its place in my list of the top three handbag styles you need this autumn-winter!

Tote bags

A classic tote bag never goes out of style or use. Because honestly, we women can fit in our entire world in a tote bag. For the colder months, I prefer solid color tote bags with a nice leather finish. The Forget-me-not leather Tote bag is such a great option if you are looking for a premium quality leather bag. It’s simple and functional!

Top-handle satchel bags

Satchel bags are probably the most used type of bags and rightly so! They come is so many different shapes and style. They look vintage and can be used all year long. But for autumn/winter, my favorites are darker colors like brown, blacks, maroon and dark green. Top handle satchel bags can be carried in different ways and that’s what makes them so versatile. I love structured satchel bags and the mini ones are just the cutest!

So, what kind of bag styles do you like for autumn/winter?