Stay Hydrated With KeepTo

In this pandemic time, people are in grave danger and there are some sets of health rules that need to followed by everyone which surely includes doing workout and a proper intake of water. In this post, I will be talking about a bottle that will surely come in handy in these times and upcoming every time.

KEEPTO 1/2 gallon water bottles are one of the best creations by KEEPTO which is a multi manufacturing brand. These bottles are equipped with everything that needs to keep you going in taking out sweat and taking in some more days to your life. The bottle is a jug-shaped type whose body is embraced with motivational quotes and time markers which will keep a check on your daily water intake. One of the best advantages of this 1/2 gallon water bottle is that it’s large filling up capacity will surely take down the need to constantly refining it.

It can be filled with any type of beverage you prefer and is surely travel friendly to take on any outdoor activity or gym purposes. The bottle has a wide opening mouth which makes it easy to fill it up with ice cubes and take your tastes and craveness of fruity drinks to everywhere you want by adding all the fruits you want. The best drink I made in this sporty thing is a yummy strawberry shake:)

I am sure that many of you must be having in mind that this bottle is made of plastic and will be harmful to health but this where you get striked down:) as the bottle is surely made of plastic but is BPA free which means it is neither lurking with toxins and nor the smell and taste of chemicals.

WAIT UP! The features of this sporty mate doesn’t end up here! One of the best pros of this bottle that never failed to amaze me was that it comes with 1 removable and detachable straw which allows you to enjoy spill-proof spilling with a straw brush for super easy cleaning. The straw is fully flexible like a giraffes neck ( you know what I mean:) ) anyway now you don’t have to worry about a dangling water bottle straw which you have to stop using your hands or lips. It has a straw that stays neatly intact at one place when the lid is closed. The bottle is super easy to wash on the other hand as the top lid is an invincible door preventing dust and leakproof. The cap is equipped with a smart one-click button making it a top contender! It also comes with an anti-skid handle and carry strap making it really impossible for spillage as it is also 100% leakproof.

Lastly, the bottle is surely transparent making it clear to see what’s inside and so, in my opinion, it is the best companion you can get to make your trips and workouts worth it.