About COB

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Chamber of beauty that has been started by me & I’m Rakhshanda Rizvi from Dehradun, India.

Dehradun is small, yet heavenly place to live in. The beautiful vale sits in the midst of Himalayan mountains with nature forming the heart and soul of this place! Back in 2010, I started this blog to share a few beauty tips with the world of internet. Time passed and I decided to blog about my favourite beauty products, on the advice of an old acquaintance.  Chamber of Beauty became an official beauty blog. Makeup and skincare became my life and I still remember when I got the first letter of appreciation from a reader!

A couple of years later, I added a new chapter to this little journal of mine- FASHION! Fashion bloggers, their style, their way of carrying themselves has always been an inspiration for me. I was always at an advantage when it comes to fashion in India; the western as well as ethnic wear. And to tell you the truth ethnic wear has always been a favourite if I have to choose from the two! I like combining simplicity, class and elegance to my look. British and French fashion is what I follow most of the times, but of course never do I fail to take ideas from all kinds of fashion of the world!

Another thing I would like to confess right here is my obsession with heels, hats and books! So, if you are like me, never feel guilty because…oh well…aren’t these things an absolute essential??!!

My skin type is normal/dry so all my skincare products reviews are according to that.
I belong to the age group 40+ which is why you are going to find me obsessed with anti-aging products.

Do not hesitate in joining me on my journey of beauty and fashion. Your support is the driving force, do not let it run out!

A few more words… Hi dear readers.. Want to say hello, ask me a question, tell me how much loved a product or why you hated it ? Go on and shoot me an email at rakhshanda.rizvi@gmail.com.You know I love hearing from ya !

PR Professionals: Please email me at rakhshanda.rizvi@gmail.com for review and sponsorship purposes.

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